Mixtape Review: Lil Durk- ‘Signed To The Streets 2’

Durk’s Def Jam debut mixtape “Signed To The Streets” was impressive and showcased his star potential. But could he follow it up?

Lil Durk spent the past year working on his long-awaited “Signed To The Streets 2” mixtape. One can say Durk was creating his very own Mona Lisa due to the project’s constant delays. One can’t rush greatness and it appeared to have paid off for the OTF frontman. The project was well worth the wait.

Durk revealed during an interview with L.A. Leakers he recorded close to 200 tracks. Unfortunately for fans, only 18 tracks made it onto this tape.

Durk appropriately placed “Ready For Em,” a Cardo production, as his opening track. It’s no question Durk is on his way to the top. But his biggest obstacle is haters.

“They hate all my n-ggas, they hate that I’m breathing,” Durk says in this track’s intro.

Durk keeps a bodyguard with him in case situations get hectic as he raps, “Got broski on point like Kyrie/Don’t fear no man that can die like me/I done dodged doin hits.”

But if haters want war, Durk is willing to give it to them. Durk kept the momentum going in his Tarentino production, rapping, “How you want war and you ain’t eating?/What they gon’ do if you ain’t breathing?/Bodies back to back, b*tch we ain’t even.”

There were times when Durk felt alone. He had no one to call on because they left him high and dry. But Durk is now on the rise and not looking back. In Durk’s Dree The Drummer production, he asks, “Where you was at when I was in that war?/I had nobody but me and my boys/You n-ggas frauds yall ain’t making noise/But I ain’t take it personal/And I told you I was down to ride/Now where you was when I was fightin’ all them homicides/But you wasn’t with me in that war/But I don’t take nothin’ personal.”

Durk’s tape also showed his ability to make radio bangers. Durk tapped some of Atlanta’s up and coming artists to accomplish this feat. Durk collaborated with Young Thug in the Young Chop-produced single “Party” and Migos and Ca$h Out on the Dree The Drummer-produced track “Lil N*ggaz,” respectively.

Durk showed a softer side in the love ballad “What You Do To Me,” a Squat production. The OTF savage professes his love to his love interest, rapping, “Baby, I’m different, I want to be faithful/Baby, just listen, I want to be grateful/I love you and I hate you, through the bullsh-t I take you/Wife I make you, let’s take me a vacation/So I do what I want, baby I love you.”

Durk tapped his Coke Boy boss French Montana to assist on single “Fly High,” a MeKanics production.

Durk and French Montana have been at the bottom and possibly experienced the lowest points of their lives. Durk battled a weapons charge that could’ve possibly sent him away for a long time thus ending his career and taking him away from his children. But he was able to work his way out of his legal woes to become one of most sought after rappers in the game now.

Durk is definitely flying high right now, rapping, “I did two on my first case, next case 21, the worst case/I was 21 when I really sing the birthday/I know n*ggas die before they seen they 10th birthday/N*ggas talk to me about fire/Told my n*ggas I’d be rich they called me liar/And now they buying fame but get burnt playing with this lighter.”

Sky is the limit for Durk now that he’s flying high. This provided the inspiration for track “I Made It,” a Young Chop production. This is a motivational track for the streets. Durk is from the bottom and talks his humble beginnings to his current status as star in the making.

Durk raps, “They hatin, I made it I hate em for hatin/I changed my mind/ Crazy, why the f-ck you got statements/And I started from the bottom/Why the f*ck they hatin on me/Long time ago, had nothing to snack on/Had nobody to lean my back on/No dyke, put the strap on/Cuz its hard out here/Rich n*gga left to starve out here.”

And who would’ve thought Lil Durk would be on top of his city? Durk asks this in his Leekeleek-produced single “Picture Perfect,” rapping, “I don’t think my sh-t don’t stank, not picture perfect, sh-t like that/I’m on top of my city/Whoever thought some sh-t like that?/Now I be driving foreign cars/That picture perfect sh-t like that.”

Durk’s tape may have included radio cuts and adrenaline-packed tracks, but he made sure not to forget about the streets.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past year, Durk gives fans an introduction to a city now known as Chiraq in “Don’t Know Me.”

Others have no idea what Durk has witnessed or been through as he raps, “From the city where they gang bang/where they’ll kill you, leave your chain hanging/Two letters dedicate you like AK/AR, SK/And you got to hide your finesse game/Head shot, no need for a vest game.”

Durk’s “I Go,” a Young Chop production, is a street track, but has radio potential. This single features a strong guest appearance from Johnny May Cash- Chiraq’s Nate Dogg. Durk raps, “Summertime pop out them killers/Hop out if we see them n-ggas/Tryna tell em I got my city/Wherever I go they go/Wherever I point they blow.”

Lil Durk has long professed his disdain for snitches and the judicial system. Many of Durk’s loved ones and close associates are doing serious time in the penitentiary, including his father Dontay Banks.

Lil Durk gets personal in “Feds Listening,” rapping, “Born in ’92, I grew up with no dad n-gga/And when I catch em he adead nigga/This for my n-ggas with the feds n-gga/It’s so f-cked up, we talk through glass n-gga.”

Durk experimented a bit on this tape providing tracks for the streets, women, hustlers and radio. He accomplished showing his depth as an artist. Not bad for someone from the streets of Englewood, South Side Chicago.

Durk is without a doubt prime to present the world his debut album “Remember My Name.”

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