Lil Herb Says He Respects Slim Jesus

Lil Herb linked up with controversial “Drill Time” rapper Slim Jesus in early October in Cincinnati. G Herbo expressed his thoughts on the Ohio native during his recent interview with HipHopDX.

When asked if Slim Jesus’ fame is “justified,” the NLMB spitter says it’s like “mockery almost,” but conceded people like Slim have propelled his career:

“I don’t knock him ’cause, shit, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be who I am now. Like, those types of kids, those little white kids sitting in their fuckin’ house idolizing what we do and wanting to be a part of it cause we really live that shit. The shit that we’ve been through, I don’t look at like it’s a trophy like, “Oh yeah I’m from the hood and I done been through all the street shit. No, that just made me who I am and the situations I’ve been through in my life made me who I am now. When I met him it was really cause my homie. He like fuckin’ with people so he [was] like, “Slim Jesus out here. Let’s go fuck with him. Let’s get up with him.” We was in Cincinnati, we went to go watch the Adrien Broner fight and we met, I think Slim Jesus was at our hotel after. We were staying at a hotel he was at. He’s just a regular little white kid. I could tell like he doesn’t even try to be tough or none of that. His music is his music. He talks about what he talk about, but he don’t get around you and try to gang bang and talk tough, none of that. He was just a regular person you feel me? I respect people who be they self and he still being himself cause in the interview when they asked him he was like, ‘No, I don’t do that. I just fuck with the music. That’s what I like rapping about.’ So he still being his self at the end of the day. I respect people who are themselves. I’m not saying I respect him on a street level. But just for being himself, though, like even when I’m around him. [It’s] not like he’s my homie or we be around each other but when I was around him he was just regular like a normal kid.”

Slim Jesus listed Lil Herb as one of his “Top 5 Rappers Dead Or Alive” during an interview with AllHipHop.

Slim Jesus told VladTV he would love to collaborate on new music with Lil Herb.

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