Lil Mouse Clowns Soulja Boy For Getting Jesus Piece Chain Stolen By BallOut

It appears Soulja Boy will never live down the infamous jacking of his prized Jesus piece chain.

Lil Mouse posted a meme to his IG account featuring a teary-eyed Soulja Boy with a caption, reading, “Damn BallOut Give Me Back My Chain.”

Soulja Boy and his relationship with GBE abruptly ended after the two parties butted heads on social media in April over the piece of jewelry.

GBE member BallOut taunted Soulja Boy via his Twitter account and even threatened to cause physical harm to the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper.

“@souljaboy Im Pistol Whippin Yu Wen I See Yu Dre Ur Not A Soulja ErrBody Know BallOut Took DeAndre Chain Tadoe What?You Wasn’t N Sight?

“ME N My N----- We Str8 Takn S--- #Squadddddddd


“N L.A. Pushin On N----- Jus Too This N---- @souljaboy Chain Des N----- Fake As S--- I B Takin S--- #300shit,” BallOut wrote.

The “I Got A Bag” rapper even took to Instagram post a photo of himself wearing the jewelry.

“#ForGotTooUpload #BossShit,” the caption on the photo read.

Soulja Boy shot back with a series of tweets disparaging the “I Got A Bag” rapper.

“F--- these fake a-- n-----

“You can’t phase a boss n----

“Real n----- do real things fake n----- do fake things. A snake is a snake. A broke n---- will stay broke,” he wrote.

“Take a picture of the back of the chain if u so smart b---- @GBE_BALLOUT we not hiding come to secret Sundays 2nite see u there broke boy

“See what u get when u try to show broke boys love a n---- grabbing a fake chain that’s not urs while ur away from home lol smh f--- em

“A n---- ain’t do nothing but show they true colors n---- that’s all.

But BallOut didn’t get the last laugh.

He got a taste of his own medicine after the Jesus piece was stolen from him during a fight at a concert in Davenport, IA.

The piece of jewelery ended up in the hands of Davenport man Cameron Oliver.

Oliver took to Facebook to say he has Soulja Boy’s chain.

“No Play Play We Here… Contact Soulja Boy Tell em We got his s---….” he wrote.

It is not known if Soulja Boy ever retrieved the chain back.

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