Lil Mouse Scores Hit In New Single ‘Wit My Team’ Remix Featuring Lil Durk & Young Scooter

Lil Mouse officially released his long-awaited remix to “Wit My Team.” Mouse got dibs to pick his squad on this one and tapped fellow Chicago MC Lil Durk and Atlanta native Young Scooter.

Mouse is the quarterback of this track and guided his team to a game winning drive, rapping, “F****n b*****s, counting money with my team/40 with him, 30, chopper with a beam/Point fours, rolling dope with my team/Miss the act and that sprite making it look pink/If you looking for me, you know where I’m at/Run up on you, then we leave you where you at/Black Amigo, OTF an Hella Bandz/Shawty jocking cause she know that I’m that man.”

Mouse threw a long ball to Durk who was able to get the ball to the red zone, rapping, “You know where I’m at, b***h it’s crackin/Kevin home, bought a 40, so no lackin/Put 30 in the (?), I came from stackin/For the grams, it got a lot of n****s acting/R-E-B throw game for the opp/No lean, but I catch snooze, straight drop/Me and Mouse, two cups, purple pops/(?) home, bang bros all these thots.”

Mouse then handed the ball off to Scooter who drove it in for the score, rapping, “Black amigo gang, that’s my team/Me and my partner Phil sipping lean/Young Scooter, I’d sell a b***h a dream/50,000 worth a hundred, so mean/Shout out to Lil Mouse and Top Shotta/K Black, my little brother, top shotta/Don’t make send the runts through the scene.”

Mouse is currently prepping his debut album “Michael Mouse Myers.” The project is slated to be available for purchase on iTunes on March 11.

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