Meek Mill Released After Arrest on Firearm Suspicion

Early Thursday morning, Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill was arrested and handcuffed on suspicion of concealing a firearm. The ordeal caused Meek to miss his scheduled album release party in Atlanta.

Meek took to Instagram to share a photo of himself handcuffed in a room.

“cops cost me a lot of money tonight …..taking pics of me like I’ma fuckin joke….no charges just holding me for shit! my lawyer need answers,” Meek wrote in the caption on his photo.

Luckily, the rapper, whose real name is Robert Williams, was eventually released.

“Ni**a I ain’t get knocked they was just tryna hold me back! Just scooped my ni**a ‪#brick Feds gave him 10yea,” he wrote.

“I ain’t get locked up…definitely not in NYC with no gun! Cops just harassed and violated me last night in Philly just for being famous!”

The crazy part about is I really had a handcuff and Rolex on my wrist yesterday…. Really ‪#DreamsAndNightmares

Despite missing his event, Meek is going to make it up to fans by rescheduling another album release party.

“Atl I’m get another date for the album release party! They had me down all last night for nothing! Let u kno soon!”

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