Minnesota Promoter Says Tekashi69 Finessed Him Out Of $20K, Issues A No-Fly Zone

#tekashi69 accused of stealing $20K in Minnesota 😮

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Tekashi69 is banned from Minnesota until he can make things right with its residents. Tekashi69 was hired to perform at a local nightclub, but things didn’t end right.

MayMuzic took to social media to denounce 6ix9ine and ban the Brooklyn rapper from ever coming to Minnesota.

“Yo DJ Akademiks, you gotta be real, fam,” he said. “Like, he came out here and he tried to finesse for $25,000,” he said. “Like no, don’t come to out city thinking it’s sweet. So DJ Akademiks, you gotta redo that post. He probably hit you up bro and was talking about all that crazy stuff like people was pressing him. He tried to finessed for 20 bands, and tried to walk out the venue without tryna do a show for nobody. You need to go back on your page and post the real content for a fact that he tried to rob us. Come to our city, tried to get a check and dip on us. We was not going for that. My city don’t fight people after a show. And that’s proven. There’s nobody that came out to a show and have to fight after they got out of show, as far as I’ve been here. I’ve never seen that, so DJ Akademiks you need to go back on your page, you need to go redo that content cause you basically saying we pressed him for no reason. That’s BS cause at the same time he came out to our city tryna finesse us and we not going. Stop coming to Minnesota thinking it’s sweet. It’s a no-fly for SixNine until you come back and treat us the right way.”

Tekashi had items thrown at him during a performance at a nightclub.


Other Footage surfaced on the net showing the Brooklyn rapper getting pressed outside by at least a dozen goons before gunfire erupts. Luckily, Tekashi made it to safety.

Tekashi took to social media following the incident to say he was good.


“Yo Tekashi, why they so mad at you? Cause you never gon get touched. Why n****s want me to get touched so badly. It will never happen. I told you n****s. They will never touch me, man. N****s can’t lay a finger on me, man.”


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