Mississippi Promoter Says NBA Youngboy Finessed Him Out Of $50K

#mississippi promoter says #nbayoungboy finessed him out of $50K

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A Mississippi promoter is accusing NBA Youngboy of finessing him out of $50,000. The promoter brought Youngboy to Cleveland, MS to perform in front of a young crowd. Youngboy allegedly only performed one song and left the venue.

#nbayoungboy allegedly performed one song in #Mississippi and dipped with $50K ? | credit: @djvontv

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“His management gonna have to pay me. I lost $50,000, but I’ma sue for $100,000 in damages,” the promoter said. “I’m taking the n***a to court to the point where you pulled guns on kids cause you a scar h*e a– n***a. N****s don’t understand. I’m tryna get y’all to understand this s**t, so y’all can see what’s going on. Anybody know if you call an artist, and you book em, you drop half up front, when they show up, before the artist perform, he’s got to have the other half of his money. He would’ve never touched the stage if he wouldn’t have got his money.”

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