MJ Grizz and Ye Ali ‘Fell In Love’ With A Girl From Chicago

MJ Grizz caught a vibe with a lady from the Chi. The Chicago artist serenades not only his love interest, but also his listeners in his new record “Fell In Love.’

MJ Grizz opens the track, rapping, “Faded off that liquor, got me feeling risky/She on demon time, got piercings on her t*tties/She not from the city, but she be in the city/Girl, you know the vibes, don’t come and act sadiddy.”

Grizz continues, “I fell in love with a girl from Chicago, kissing in the club, shawty pulling on my cargo/This the type of love you can’t buy/Me and shawty caught a vibe.”

Ye Ali’s heart, on the hand, doesn’t belong to just one woman. Ye Ali caught a vibe with different women in different area codes.

Ali follows MJ Grizz, singing, “I fell in love with a girl from Toronto, I just woke up with a b***h from Chicago/I got a thing for them b*****s in Cali.”

Listen to this record in full above.

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