Molly Brazy Investigated For Pointing Gun At Baby’s Head

Molly Brazy is in hot water for pointing a gun at her infant daughter in a video. Detroit Police are now investigating the 18-year-old femcee.

Molly was angered after the young girl threw a gun at her.

“Why would you do that? You better stop playing with me, little girl,” she says, pointing the same gun at the small child’s head.

“Certainly, it’s disturbing to see anybody point a weapon at a small child,” Sgt. Michael Wood told Fox 2 Detroit.

“Cyber crimes is looking into this case right now,” Wood said. “We’re pulling apart the video to see what we can find. We’ve so much infant mortality in this city in the last year. Messing around with guns like is not the smart thing to do. It was very irresponsible and reckless. ”

Molly Brazy’s manager spoke with Fox 2, saying Molly was remorseful about the situation.

“It’s a plastic gun,” she said. “There’s really no reason behind it. She was playing with the baby. She remorseful about. If she could do it over, she would.”

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