Montana Of 300: I’m Not A Drill Rapper

Montana of 300 wants to make it loud and clear that he is not a drill rapper. Montana reiterated this point to fans on Twitter.

He wrote, “I’m not a drill rapper! I’m from the city where Drill Rap started.”

Montana has long held his anti-Drill stance.

In November 2016, Montana of 300 wrote on Twitter, “Im not no f****n drill rapper. Drill wishes it was this lyrically inclined. #RapGod.”

This ain't that. N that ain't this.

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These aren’t the only instances where Montana distanced himself from the drill genre.

Montana told Hip Hop Midwest he doesn’t identify as a drill rapper.

“I’m definitely not a drill rapper,” he told HHM. “Drill music is basically hardcore Hip Hop, put in a simple form or style, that gets you hype. Drill music isn’t supposed to be lyrical. Can it be??? Yes. I’ve made about 3 drill songs before and proven that. I think the slang in Chicago today is what makes people think or say ‘Drill,’ if they hear it in my raps. Words like: thirsty, thot, ops, lackin and fleek. Phrases like: ‘I only want top,’ ‘man down,’ ‘I got a foreign thing’ and ‘Gucci this Louie that.’ That’s all your average Chicago rapper of today talks about. I’m way more than that predictable (drill). I can incorporate it in my flow every blue moon to please the drill fans, but other than that, this s— I’m talking is on a whole different level than drill could ever imagine to be on, lyrically. And Ima keep you muthaf**kas hype while rapping consciously and switching up my flows n swag throughout the course. Nobody’s doing what I’m doing, how I’m doing it or on the level I’m doing it on and nobody can. The world it’s starting to bare witness. You’ll see soon enough, if you don’t already.”

Montana is perfecting his craft to become a complete artist. Montana compares his work ethic in rap to Lebron James’ work ethic in basketball.

“You gotta be well-rounded to be the best,” Montana told Hip Hops Revival. “Look at Lebron James. Of course it’s the best thing in the world when you see him jump in the air, his head is to the rim and he slam dunk. But imagine if that’s all he could do. You gotta be able to pass. You gotta be able to rebound. You gotta be able to play defense and block. You gotta be able to do everything. ..I have tracks where I do auto-tune, I do a little club bangers here and there. I got tracks where I go in. I got tracks where I might do a little drill sh-t. I’m not no f-cking drill rapper, but I make drill songs here and there because I have those fans, too. I f-ck with my fans. You have some people that f-ck with this type of Montana and you have some people that f-ck with this type of Montana. …That’s what I really plan on doing in the game is really bringing that type of sh-t back, bringing lyrics back. I feel like when I rap someone should be able to walk away from it with something.”

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