NBA Youngboy Disses Fredo Bang: ‘Go Dig All Three Of Your Brothers Up’

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#nbayoungboy responds to #fredobang

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NBA Young announced earlier today he will be releasing his upcoming “Top” on Friday, Sept. 11. Fredo Bang later revealed he will also be dropping a project on the same date.

Fredo wrote, “Guess me and my son dropping together.”

Fredo Bang’s comments infuriated Youngboy who took to video to diss his former friend’s dead homies and momma.

“You a bum, you b***h a– n***a,” Youngboy said. “Go dig all three of your brothers up with your scary a–. You a b***h. Stop running from me. I ain’t in no competition with you. Stop writing me. You a h*e. B***h a– n***a, you ain’t no killer. You wanna be like me. You write me all day. You a h*e. I can f**k any b***h. ..I can f**k your mama. You a b***h. You a pure b***h.”

Fredo then posted a video with comments of his own.

“Somebody go help little brother out,” Fredo said. “He angry, dog. Talking about dead partners and s**t. It ain’t like I’m on this b***h talking about, ‘Fat boy in that extra, extra large coffin he got or professor X how y’all gotta push his half-dead a– around. I’m not on this b***h talking about that. All I said I was gon sell more albums than your a–. You drop every time I f*****g drop. It ain’t my fault all yo b***hes be in my DMs. We share two h**s. Now all of sudden I’m just f*****g everything you f*****g.

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#fredobang responds to #nbayoungboy

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