OTF Chief Wuk’s Father BD Twin Varney Responds To Game

OTF Chief Wuk’s father BD Twin Varney recently sent out message to West Coast rapper Game in hopes of linking up.

“Yo Game, get up with me little bro when you can. This BD Twin Varney.

“I f-ck with the Game. Game a good dude, man. Matter of fact, send a shout out to him, let him know I’m tryna get up with him, man. This BD Twin. Get up with your boy,” he said in two separate vlog posts.

The Game name-dropped BD Twin Varney in Tyga’s Lil Durk diss song “Chiraq To LA”

In the track, Game raps, “On the low end, all my BD n****s bring the dope in/BD twins locked up in the feds and my n***a Bump J, hold your head/If you getting money n***a hold your bread/Rock my Pelle P like L.E.D., them Bogus Boys, they f**k with me/I f***k with me/I f**k with stones till I OD/6-9, Seven deuce/Marshallville, I mean Murderville.”

G Count would later discredit Game in song “F*ck The Game Up,” rapping, “You don’t know s**t about Chiraq/You d**k riding me to get a pass, you don’t know the G-Count like that/You ain’t plugged with the BDs, you ain’t plugged with the GDs/You ain’t plugged with the Blackstones, you’d definitely have to come see me/You ain’t plugged in on the Low End/You don’t know twins or the hobos/Lame, this ain’t no f*****g game, quit name dropping Lil JoJo.”

Count then spoke on behalf of Incarcerated Chicago rap legend Bump J, rapping, “If my man was out, I guarantee you get the same reaction from Bump J.”

Count even got BD Twin Varney’s son Chief Wuk to reveal his father doesn’t know Game.

BD Twins Varmah and Varney Voker were sentenced to prison for their involvement in an elaborate multimillion-dollar narcotics distribution ring, according to the Chicago Tribune. They were reportedly among 47 members of the Black Disciples street gang arrested during a May 12, 2004 raid at the Randolph Towers apartment complex.

Police were after Marvel Thompson who was the ringleader drug operation. The FBI operation, code name ‘Marvelous,’ resulted in the seizure of more than $300,000 in cash 11 guns, several bulletproof vests, assorted jewelry and boxes of gang-related laws and other documents, according to

The drug operation reportedly netted Thompson and others $200,000 to $300,000 a day.

Varmah and Varney are accused of using drug profits to run their Atlanta nightclub “Club 2winz,” according to the Chicago Tribune. They reportedly made payments of $20,000 every three weeks in cash until they had paid about $180,000.

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