Papoose Calls Big Sean Feminine In ‘First Chain’ Diss Track

Papoose suckered punched Big Sean in his “Control” freestyle.

In the Kendrick Lamar response track, he raps, “Little Sean, Big Sean, let me see ID/Before you rap why you always say B.I.G.?/You ain’t Biggie, you can D-I-E/Every time I hear you you’re getting cornier like E-Y-E”

Papoose came back to assault the “Dance” rapper with his four-minute diss track entitled “First Chain (Remix).”

Papoose dug right in Sean attacking the Detroit rapper’s lyrical ability, masculinity and rap name.

“First Chain” is a response to Big Sean’s “Breakfast Club” interview where the rapper said, “Who?” when radio hosts mentioned Papoose.

Papoose emasculated Sean, rapping, “So Big Sean speak like a woman when he talk/When he having a seat he keep his legs crossed/We can’t blame him, it’s really not his fault/This is the feminization that he was taught/You ain’t a man take that M from your mannerism.

“Little bitch how much change you got in your purse?

“Said you stay on your toes, damn that’s for ballerina and the girls,” he raps.

Papoose accused Big Sean of stealing his rap style from 90s rap legends, including Notorious B.I.G and Craig Mack:

“Using Biggie name, who gave you permission?

“You got you style from the original Bad Boy/B-I-G, why you said that shit?/Always sayin’ ‘Boi!’ that’s Craig Mack’s shit,” he raps.

Papoose went even further calling Big Sean’s career a big bust, arguing the G.O.O.D. music guest features performed better on a track:

“On your album cover it look like you taking a shit/Behind the green curtain, the same color as Kelis’ dress/On Nas album cover, you a complete mess/Is that a indirect or you just a copycat?/Cause he killed you on your own album, he bodied that/Got the audacity to say you’re better than Drake/And out rap Jay Z, what a level of hate/Those artists made you hot, go ahead and give grace/Worst Clique verse, they should spit that in your face/Your biggest record was called A-S-S/Nicki Minaj made it hot, you way less fresh/I heard you Ye yes man who get paid less checks/So when Ye ask a question you just say “yes yes”

It’ll be interesting to see if Big Sean issues a response. If Big Sean feels he deserves to be in the same company as Jay-Z and Nas, it is only he right for him to accept the challenge of a rap battle.

Listen to Papoose’s “First Chain”

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