Radio Personality Star Sides With Soulja Boy, Calls Chief Keef a ‘Savage’

Radio personality Star weighed in on the beef between Chief Keef and Soulja Boy.

There was no question in to which rapper the on-air talent was siding with.

“I fuck with Soulja Boy heavy,” Star told VladTV.

Star said he had no issue with Soulja Boy purportedly threatening Chief Keef.

“SOD, my nigga.

“Blow your eyes through your snap back,” he said.

Chief Keef, he said, is a “fucking animal.”

“He’s a savage,” he said.

Star said he doesn’t doubt Chief Keef’s street credibility.

“They are today’s Hip Hop animals. Not only are they talking it, to some extent, they have to live it.

“Even if they, themselves, don’t want to get on the front lines, they got goons around them. They got niggas trying to come up and get brownine points, so it’s either got to work itself out or be squashed,” he said.

Chief Keef subliminally added his two cents to the growing beef between GBE and SODMG.

The origin of the beef stems from GBE member BallOut stealing a chain from SOD front man Soulja Boy.

Chief Keef added more fuel to the fire, tweeting, “We Takin Chains And Bitches.”

This, however, isn’t the first time Chief Keef commented on the chain dilemma.

Chief Keef approved of BallOut’s thievery as he retweeted his fellow GBE associate’s twit pic of Soulja’s chain.

Shortly after retweeting BallOut’s pic, he wrote, “All this Fake ass Jewelery.”

BallOut boasted on popular social media site Twitter that he robbed Soulja Boy of his prized Jesus Piece gold chain.

“ME N My Niggas We Str8 Takn Shit #Squadddddddd


“N L.A. Pushin On Niggas Jus Too This Nigga @souljaboy Chain Des Niggas Fak As Shit I B Takin Shit #300shit,” BallOut wrote.

The “I Got A Bag” rapper even took to Instagram to post a photo of himself wearing the jewelry.

“#ForGotTooUpload #BossShit,” the caption on the photo read.

Is this an official declaration of war between GBE and SODMG camps? Sound off below.

Watch Star’s VladTV interview below

Soulja Boy Wearing His Jesus Piece Gold Chain

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