Rico Recklezz Supports Donald Trump

Rico was asked his thoughts on Donald Trump and Kanye West meeting in New York City to discuss ways to end the bloodshed in Chicago during a recent interview with Hop

“Trump was watching that ‘Get Hard’ movie. He want Kanye to braid his s**t,” Rico Recklezz said. “Shout out Donald Trump though. I ain’t gon lie. I ain’t really get to chance to get into it as far as like the politics, but I f**k with Donald Trump cause some people say he not really tryna be on bulls**t like people try to make it seem. I gotta read into it more. He gotta elaborate more for us young black n****s with 30s and 50s to understand. We don’t know. All we heard was some sh*t about he gon send the Mexicans back to Mexico. Like who the f**k gon cut our grass. I’m not finna cut no grass. You finna cut my grass. I know you not. Let people come to America. This is the land of the free.”

Rico says he’d like to discuss his hometown’s murder rate with the president-elect.

“I’d meet with Trump to discuss the violence in Chicago, why it’s so f****d up and why the police scared,” Rico said. “If police gon be scared like that, y’all motherf*****s better start paying me to protect and serve. Let me tote my 50 in peace, a little 30 up in my shoe like alittle holster, a little suit on like James Bond to protect the whole Chicago. Won’t nobody get to doing s**t cause we running up. We not playing. We CDPK, but we Recklezz Renegade. The Recklezz Renegade is there to protect and serve.”

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