Rocaine (Glo Gang) Robbed By Thot While Sleep

Rocaine got caught lackin again. A woman was caught on surveillance removing something from his pockets and leaving.

This isn’t the first time Rocaine got robbed by a female. Ro recently sat down with 4ShoMag to speak on an incident of getting robbed of his $3,000 Cartier Buffalo glasses.

“I went to sleep on a broke a– b***h. …She a jugger. She be swiping,” she said. “…I went to sleep and that b***h was so sneaky, bro. I ain’t hear the b***h moving at all. My man’s heard the b***h moving. He woke me up after they left. [She] actually gave me a thousand dollars for that s**t, but I stole on her head. I had fought that b***h at a hookah bar.”

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