Roland Martin Calls Alpha Phi Alpha Member an Embarrassment to Martin Luther King, Jr.

CNN Contributor Roland Martin had a few harsh words for a collegiate member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Martin, a life member of the fraternity, took issue with the young member’s views on voting.

Joshua Agee, president of his fraternity’s chapter at Auburn University, went back and forth with the political analyst on Twitter after witnessing a fiery debate between Martin and Hip Hop recording artist Lupe Fiasco.

Agee entered the debate after Martin told Lupe African Americans shed blood for the right to vote.

Agee, who is studying political science at the university, wrote, “We have the right to vote or not vote #choice because of that shed blood.”

“Voting does not equate 2 freedom @rolandsmartin,” he wrote. “It’s a liberty right of choice, not forced obligation or participation. Respect difference.”

Martin went on the offensive and discussed the voter ID laws that could place millions of people of color’s voting rights in jeopardy.

“You want reality ‪@JERiCH06? 700,000 to 1 MILLION blacks up to age 30 may not vote due to Voter ID,” he wrote. “In your world, we should just blow it off”

Agee refuted Martin’s statement writing, “Not true! We should educate ppl on that…but tell me how the hell blasting ‪@LupeFiasco does that?!!! Thats whats real!”

At this point, Martin had enough with Agee’s views writing he was ashamed to see a fellow member of his fraternity express such viewpoints.

“It’s utterly embarrassing as a LIFE MEMBER of A Phi A to see a chapter prez like you ‪@JERiCH06 say something so idiotic,” Martin wrote.

‪Agee shot back writing, “@rolandsmartin with all do respect sir, as a 3rd generation Alpha Man i am embarrassed that you as a life member can’t see past reality.”

“‪@rolandsmartin i burried my 92 year old life member Alpha Man grandfather this past july…i take my lead from him,” he wrote.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement and fought to secure voting rights with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. leading the way. Martin found it highly unlikely Agee’s grandfather would agree with young Alpha man’s viewpoints.

“‪@JERiCH06 so your Alpha grandfather would have been passe about voting? Yea, right. You need to buck up in that area,” he wrote.

“I thank God we didn’t have weak brothers like you ‪@JERiCH06 back in the day when we were fighting for the right to vote,” Martin wrote. “You embarrass MLK.”

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