Sauce Walka Accused Of Being Involved In A Gang

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Sauce Walka is facing accusations of gang involvement. Sauce’s label The Sauce Factory, or TSF, is accused of actually being criminal organization. Court documents describe the rap camp as “known for criminal activity.”

TSF was recently mentioned during a hearing in federal court as part of an investigation into sex trafficking of minors.

“I’m a CEO of a record label, we drop albums, I got seven artists,” Sauce told Channel 2. “We’re a prestigious record label of young men that give out inspiration and leadership to a lot of young people in Houston and all over Texas.”

Sauce told Channel 2 he’s unsure why the police is labeling The Sauce Factory a gang.

“Honestly, I don’t know why,” Sauce said. “I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding from the videos or something, just a misunderstanding from the past, whatever they perceive that is.”

Sauce admitted to Channel 2 he’s had past trouble. In 2009, Houston police wrote he went by ‘A-Walk’ and was a member of a “criminal street gang” called “Mash Mode.”

Sauce was previously charged with shooting and wounding a person on the Texas Southern University campus during a concert, according to court documents obtained by Channel 2. Sauce pleaded guilty to deadly conduct and served out his community supervision.

Sauce says he has since put that dangerous lifestyle behind him.

“That was just me being a younger myself and I have matured and grown up to a man now, and I have a family and I take care of a lot of people and I just do business now,” he said.

Sauce says the current accusations against TSF are either lies or people confusing gritty lyrics and videos with real life.

“Every celebrity has lies, and made-up stories and folk tales made up about them,” he said. “They say if you can’t stand the heat, then get out the kitchen. If you’re not ready for people to lie on you and make up things because you are a celebrity, then that means you shouldn’t be a celebrity.”

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