Smokecamp Chino Reveals Rocaine Is No Longer With Chief Keef’s Glo Gang

Smokecamp Chino is a proud member of the Glo Gang camp. Chino is so proud of his membership he posted a meme onto his IG that read, “Keep Calm and Glo Gang 4 Life.”

The caption on his post read, “Don’t ask me stay down til you come up gloyalty.”

But all is not well in the Glo Gang camp because it was soon learned that Detroit rapper Rocaine is no longer affiliated.

IG user @denaro.stackz asked Chino is Rocaine was still a member of Glo Gang.

Ro replied, “No Rocaine not wit us.”

Chino then posted a meme that read, “Stop asking me about Rocaine I don’t hang with him. I don’t be with him. That’s not my mans period.

Chino clarified the message in his caption, writing, “We not beefing none of that I just don’t rock wit that n***a.”

Rocaine appeared to be the star Detroit rapper on Sosa’s roster. Sosa made a guest appearance in Ro’s underground hit record “Chicken Chicken.”

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