Smylez Sticks To Code Of Silence In ‘No Snitchin’ Music Video Featuring Rico Recklezz & D. Bo

The theme and title of Smylez’ latest visual project is “No Snitching.”

Extra detail was paid close attention to in the filming of this Money Strong TV visual. The set in this production mimics a detective’s office.

Smylez and D. Bo are sitting in an interrogation room with a wall placarded with photos of incarcerated Bricksquad affiliates, including Rico Reckless who is featured in this track.

In the visual, Smylez is pressured by a police officer to tell names.

Many may find this scene reminiscent, but not so reminiscent of a scene from the film American Gangster where notorious crime lord Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) is pressured to snitch on many associates involved in the illegal drug trade.

In this scene, Lucas talks. Smylez, on the other hand, doesn’t.

Smylez sticks to his anti-snitching code, rapping, “Stop telling my business/Officer, I ain’t see s---/I was somewhere trying to get rich/If you wasn’t with it/Then you shouldn’t have did it/N-----, don’t listen/Got foe nem up in prison.”

Clips of Rico Recklezz from previous projects were placed into this visual. An actor wearing a mask was additionally cast to portray Rico.

Rico Recklezz is much more sinister in his approach to dealing with snitches, rapping, “Rico Recklezz and naw I never sell out/He got shot and didn’t die, he tryna tell now/Now this b---- in court tryna testify/Send murder to his crib, his momma gotta die.”

D. Bo finished this track, rapping, “No snitching, the block hotter than a kitchen/We got nines and ninas shoot with good precision/We got A-Rs and that E-clip with night vision/You f--- with us and b---- it’s going to be a collision/B----, I’m reckless like Rico/Smylez on the beat, h--/Yeah b----, it’s D. Bo.”

This single appears on Smylez’ “Say Cheeze 2” mixtape.

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