Snoop Dog Reveals Falling In Love With Prostitute During ‘Pimpin Binge’

Snoop Dogg revealed during an interview with Vlad TV he sacrificed his marriage and career to try his hand at ‘pimpin.’

According to Snoop, it was his lifelong dream to become a pimp.

“That was all I was seeing as a kid was a ni**a with his nails done,” the Long Beach native explained. “He had a light blue suit on with seven b*tches and they all had on baby blue like him. He had a baby blue Cadillac.

“…He’d break me off a few dollars, let me sit behind the wheel of his Cadillac, turn his steering wheel… look up at him like man, ‘I wanna be like you.’”

Snoop said he went off into the world of pimpin with “disrespect” to his wife and everything.

“I went on a pimping binge for two years straight,” he said.

But the troubles for Snoop began when he fell in love with one of the women he was prostituting.

The ordeal was so troubling to Snoop, he filmed a movie based off his situation.

“That’s why I had to do a movie called “Bossin Up” because the first rule of pimping is ‘Thou Shall No Love A H*e,’” he said. “And I fell in love with a h*e, which was compelling because I wasn’t the only pimp and I wasn’t the only pimp to fall in love with a hoe. I was just the first pimp to tell a story of a pimp falling in love with a hoe.

Watch “Bossin’ Up” below

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