Soulja Boy and Rico Recklezz Respond To Lil Bibby’s $10K Fight Challenge

Soulja Boy and Rico Recklezz have agreed to Lil Bibby’s $10,000 fight challenge.

Bibby said he’d put up that amount to see a one-on-one between Soulja and Rico.

“Tell Rico Recklezz I got $10,000 on Soula,” Bibby sad. “Real s**t. I got $10,000 on Soulja for the one-on-one. Let’s set it up. Soulja Boy. My ten on Soulja.”

Soulja and Rico didn’t take long to respond.

Soulja wrote on IG, “Bibby got $10k on me set it up I’ll knock whoever out.”

Rico found the challenge comical, but told Lil Bibby and Soulja Boy to “set it up.”

Lil Bibby has been very amused by Soulja Boy’s antics as of late. In late October, Bibby found Soulja Boy’s rant against Lil Yachty very entertaining. In the midst of Soulja’s beef with Yachty, Rico Recklezz somehow got involved.

Rico and Soulja ended their beef in late November.

The ending of the beef was made public after Rico messaged Soulja on Twitter, writing, “wyo son.”

Soulja replied, writing, “I got nothing but love for you homie. The beef s**t for the birds. Let’s do a song and get some money 2017 coming. Gone. Luv.”

Soulja reiterated his stance in a few more tweets.

“Sometimes you gotta be the bigger man. F**k the bulls**t, get money. Life too short.”

“Sometimes the revenge is to smile, move on, and do nothing,” Soulja wrote.

Rico revealed a fake tweet with Soulja Boy’s name attached is what caused the beef.

The tweet read, “F**k Rico Recklezz n his dead homies.”

Rico posted a snapshot of the tweet onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “See what people don’t understand is it was all just a misunderstanding. Bro said he never made this tweet. This why I really got mad. @souljaboy chopped it up. We good.”

Rico went on to post a snapshot onto IG of himself on Facetime with Soulja Boy.

His captioned read, “Everything could be reconciled @souljaboy.”

Recklezz made his way to Los Angeles too meet up with Soulja at his penthouse a week prior to the ending of the beef.

Soulja told followers he wasn’t home when Rico was at his spot. He said he was in the Middle East getting that Arab money.

Soulja wrote on Twitter, “I had a show in Dubai for $100,000 I gotta get my money F**k them n****z I’ll kill all them.”

Soulja Boy later clapped back, telling the Chiraq rapper to slide to his home.

This n—- pulled out da Draco ??? @souljaboy u really wanna be my son ????

A video posted by RICO MUTHAFUCKIN RECKLEZZ ??? (@kushsmokegunsmoke_) on

Soulja wrote on Twitter, “Bro. Stop playing. Where u at? I’m Tryna slide on my lil brother grave @RICO_RECKLEZZ.”

“Send ya location Rico,” he wrote.

Rico told followers Soulja wasn’t home when he visited his location. He shared a text message between himself and Soulja revealing plans for them to link.

Rico wrote on Twitter, “bro u was jus scared 2 k– down stairs I jus made yo b***h a– leave da state stop fronting yo s**t b***h I jus made 5k off followers.”

Soulja Boy somehow got involved in a beef with Rico Recklezz during his dispute with Lil Yachty.

Rico came to Lil Yachty’s defense when Soulja told him to pull up in Chiraq.

Rico tweeted Yachty, writing, “@lilyachty IM N CHICAGO RIGHT NOW U GOOD U CAN PULL UP WHEREVER I BET N****Z DONT TOUCH U ITS MERCHED [100] @souljaboy.”

Yachty replied to Rico, writing, “u no I’m f****n wit u gang love.”

Rico would go on to diss Soulja in “No Talking.”

He raps, “Soulja h*e a– keep dissing Yachty, his b***h a– ain’t even got no bodies/Talking tough on Twitter, but his scary was scared to come to the lobby.”

Rico got at Soulja again in “Crank Dat (Remix).”

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