Soulja Boy Speaks On Catching A Body During Atlanta Home Invasion

Soulja Boy lived up to his name during a burglary attempt years ago in Atlanta. Soulja Boy opened on the incident that changed his life during a sit-down interview with VladTV.

Soulja said the incident occurred after heading home from club Excaliber in Atlanta.

“It was the lit spot. All the rappers come. Everybody always come,” Soulja said. “It was like my album release party in the club. We chilling in the club. Some n****s follow me back to my crib. I got a double gate in my community. I’m living in Atlanta Georgia at the time in a mansion. N****s come through the gate.

“I’m chilling in the studio,” Soulja continued. “Me and A-Rab in the studio. Jabar in the living room. My other partner Killer SODMG, he in the living room. There’s four of us. Jabar went and took the trash out. He come back in and say, ‘Soulja I just seen some fans ride by the house while I was taking the trash out.’ I said, ‘What the f**k? Some fans?’ I grab the pistol, go outside and look. I ain’t see s**t. I come back in the crib. I’m in the studio listening to some beats. All I hear is ‘Boom’ real loud. A-Rab passed me the pistol. I look through the door. I see like three, four n****s running through the crib. All black mask on. One n****a run to the front door. I start shooting bow bow bow bow bow. Shot the n***a. Shot his a--. All the n****s run out the door. This n***a on the floor. I walk up to this n***a, take off his mask off his head, look at him, saw who it was. I’m like damn. Shot his a-- again. He screaming and s**t.

Watch Soulja Boy’s interview in full above.

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