Tay-K Throws Up Gang Signs During Jail Visit

#tayk ain’t worried about his charges

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Tay-K doesn’t appear to be too worried about his charges. The Texas rapper recently got a visit from a friend, and was more than happy to throw up his signature gang signs.

Tay-K is currently sitting in jail without bail.

Tay-K’s “The Race” has been his blessing, but it also may be his downfall. The Texas rapper won’t be getting out of jail no time soon after a judge decided to deny his request for bond, the Star-Telegram reports.

It’s not looking too good for #tayk 😮 #therace

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State District Judge Wayne Salvant slammed the EBK rapper for bragging about his crimes.

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The judge cited Tay-K’s bold disrespect for the law in “The Race” music video as reasoning for his decision. Tay-K mocked the law after posing with his own wanted flier in the visual.

Tay-K’s 16-year-old manager, Ezra Averill – who met Tay-K at James Martin High School as a freshman – credits himself with giving the green light to release the controversial “The Race” music video, which may have serious consequences on the rapper’s case.

“We hadn’t planned on dropping ‘The Race’ for a while,” Mr. Averill told the New York Times. “But when I saw that he was blowing up on Twitter, I was like, I just have to drop this.”

Tay-K is facing a capital murder charge, which carries a life imprisonment sentence or worse- the death penalty.

Tay-K is facing a capital murder charge for committing a murder during a robbery. He was one of seven people arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a July 26, 2016 home invasion robbery in Mansfield, TX.

He was placed on house arrest before deciding to cut his ankle monitor off in March. U.S. Marshalls captured Tay-K last month in New Jersey, and extradited him to Fort Worth, Texas.

Tay-K is a suspect in another murder at a San Antonio Chik-Fil-A after fleeing house arrest, the Star-Telegram reports. He is also accused of beating and robbing a 65-year-old man in Arlington’s Craven Park.

Salvant told the court he’s unsure if Tay-K deserves another break, calling the young rapper’s actions “very troubling.”

“I don’t know how many people are supposed to die and I don’t know why we … as a country seem to glorify bad acts by putting out records and videos and people are following in this,” Salvant said. “It’s my understanding that people throughout this country have ‘Free Tay-K signs up or “goto” funds to fund his defense and this court has a problem with that.

“I don’t know what this country has become when people can go out and allegedly commit heinous crimes and be glorified for it.”

Salvant went on to say Tay-K isn’t deserving of bond because of additional crimes he’s accused of committing.

“I believe if you are fortunate enough to have a bond, that you are compelled to follow the law,” Salvant said. “And if you don’t follow the law and it’s shown that you’re not following the law, then you’re not entitled to another bond. I don’t care how old you are.”

‘Not my head’

Salvant reportedly invited the defense attorneys to appeal his ruling.

“I would want somebody a lot smarter than me to make that decision then I think it would be on their head and not my head if McIntyre is released and allegedly violates the law again,” Salvant said.

Salvator asked the defense to submit a report showing Tay-K’s financial status, so that he can set a reasonable bond if an appeals courts asks him to. Tay-K’s reportedly has earnings of $600,000 to $700,000 from his recording contract with Classic 88.

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