Tekashi69 Became Member Of Treyway ‘9 Trey Bloods’ Last Year

Tekashi69 is apparently admitting to be an impostor gang member. 6ix9ine’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, told Lisa Evars of Fox 5 New York the rapper met members of Treyway in September 2017.

“I think it’s a far-reaching indictment that Mr. Hernandez has very little involvement with other than basically using his social media to promote his music,” Tekashi69 said. “As far as being a part of this Treyway Blood gang, completely false. I think that will come out in court when the facts are brought out. He did not meet any of these individuals until September 2017.”

Tekashi69 pleaded not guilty on gang racketeering and firearms charges in a Manhattan federal courtroom this morning.

Bail was not addressed during the 22-year-old rap star’s hearing. 6ix9ine’s trial is scheduled to start Sept. 4, 2019.

Tekashi69 was denied bail last week when he offered to pay $750,000, surrender his passport and remain on house arrest.

Tekashi69 is accused of being a part of a criminal organization that dealt drugs and ordered shootings of rival gang members.

6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is facing racketeering and firearms charges along with five others. If convicted, the minimum sentence he faces is 32 years in prison, the New York Daily News reports.

Tekashi, 22, was ordered held without bail during his arraignment in Manhattan Federal Court Monday.

FBI warned Tekashi about death threats from two of the men also charged in the conspiracy.

The government considers Tekashi dangerous.

“The defendant is quite violent,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear said. “This defendant participated in multiple acts of violence.”

The feds list Tekashi in a 17-count indictment for gang conspiracy that includes his ex-manager, Kifano (Shotti) Jordan, Jensel (Ish) Butler, Faheem (Crippy) Walter and Fuguan (Fu Banga) Lovick and Jamel (Mel Murda) Jones.

They were reportedly nabbed in a joint investigation by the NYPD, Homeland Security Investigations and ATD.

The 9 Trey Bloods are accused of committing many crimes to maintain the gang’s “power, territory and profits.”

Members of Nine Trey sold h—–, fentanyl, MDMA and weed in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, prosecutors say.

The indictment lists several alleged instances of violence involving Tekashi and his fellow accused gang members:

“On April 3, Tekashi, Jordan, Butler and Walter robbed rival gang members at gunpoint at 40th St. and 8th Ave., according to the indictment. On April 21, Lovick fired one shot inside the Barclays Center, according to the indictment.

Manhattan prosecutors have said the incident during a boxing match at the arena stemmed from Tekashi’s beef with the rapper Cassanova. On July 16, Tekashi, Jordan, Butler and Walter conspired to kill “an individual who had shown disrespect to Nine Trey,” according to the indictment. The plan didn’t work and an innocent bystander was shot at Fulton St. and Utica Ave., authorities said.”

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