Toledo, OH Artists ‘PoloGang’ Speak On Hit Song ‘Backstreet Baby’

PoloGang, a Hip Hop group hailing from Toledo, OH, got the underground rap scene buzzing upon the success of their viral record “BackStreet Baby.”

The group is comprised of members PoloGang Kentae, PoloGang Nick Kane, PoloGang DB, PoloGang June and PoloGang Juvie.

PoloGang was made in memory of Deshaun Lee who loved wearing Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts. Lee was 16 years old when he was fatally shot in May 2010.

Nick Kane calls PoloGang a “family, music group, business and organization.”

“It’s more than rap,” he said.

The group’s Drew Taylor and ZiggyOnTheKeys-produced single “BackStreet Baby” currently boasts 107,000 plays on SoundCloud, while their KG Filmz-directed music has 175,000 views on YouTube.

Kentae is a newcomer to the rap scene with only three months experience. It appears he was born to be a songwriter.

Kentae and Nick Kane co-wrote “BackStreet Baby.”

“I was always around, but I ain’t always rap,” Kentae said. “Then I’m around Nick Kane a lot, and he rapping on something, then I just hurry up and say something and he like, ‘You need to start writing that. Maybe you could… I’m like, ‘Nah, I ain’t gon be no rapper. I can’t rap.’ Then I put something together. I made a hit. We made a hit together. Polo Gang.

“I was just sitting in the studio with Nick, just messing around like ‘I’m a crack baby, backstreet baby,’” he continued. “It was funny. Everybody laughing like you fried cause they know it ain’t no game. I’m rapping, they like, ‘Put that together.’ So I put that together. The next day I’m thinking of something because I never made a hook before. I was really never good at rapping. I was psyched for real. When I finally put it together, I hit Nick up like, ‘Let’s record! I’m ready to record!’ I recorded it and I asked Nick did he wanna get on the song and he like, ‘Yeah.’ We put it together – ‘BackStreet Baby.’”

Kentae never expected the viral success of the record.

“When I first recorded it, people around me was like that’s a cool song,” he said. “People who first heard it was like that’s nice. I ain’t think it was gon blow to where it’s at right now. Cause it’s everywhere. I ain’t think it was gone be out of state. Other people from other states like, ‘Yeah, I like that song.’ It’s on Instagram, Twitter, everywhere. Kollege Kidd, y’all put that on Instagram and it got a lot of exposure.”

Nick Kane says the group was in the midst of making a mixtape when “BackStreet Baby” was recorded.

“When we made that song, we was in the middle of making a mixtape,” Nick Kane said. “We was making so much music, we was just making songs, put it to the side. Everybody was telling us everything we was making was hot. We like alright, they told us this was hot. We dropped the song and everybody was like this the hottest s**t in the City.”

PoloGang is not looking to remain content with the success of “BackStreet Baby.” They’re looking to progress onward and upward.

“We just tryna stay consistent, just do bigger and better s**t, more shows,” Nick Kane said. “We doing out of town shows.”

DB echoed Nick Kane, saying, “more shows, more videos, more music, more exposure.”

The members of PoloGang hope to inspire the younger generation with their movement.

“The message I’m tryna give is live your dreams,” Nick Kane said. “Don’t care about what nobody say. Do what makes you happy, and live your dream. Do what you gotta do because you by yourself at the end of the night. Worrying about what another motherf****r care about ain’t gon put no money in your pocket or get you nowhere.”

Kentae had aspirations of playing football at the higher level. Unfortunately, his dreams were cut short when he was shot at age 16. Kentae’s message for the youth is to not let obstacles hinder their goals.

“Live your dream,” Kentae said. “Me, I gave up on my dream. I thought it was over with. Don’t ever give up on nothing. I thought it was just over. I just gave up on everything, but I had to snap back. I came back to life. Just don’t give up on your dreams cause something gon come. If plan A don’t work out, plan B gon always come around. You just gotta stay active cause sitting on your a–, you ain’t gon find nothing.”

DB’s message for the youth is to remain focused.

“For me, it’s just stay focus,” DB said. “No matter how much support you got, you gotta believe in yourself before anybody else believe in you. Confidence, people can smell that.”

PoloGang definitely got the juice right now.

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