Vic Mensa Calls DJ Akademiks A ‘Parasite’ In The Culture

Vic Mensa was asked his thoughts on his issues with DJ Akademiks multiple times while promoting his debut album “The Autobiography” during his press run.

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Vic referred to the youtube blogger as a “parasite” in the culture during his latest stop at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

A parasite is defined as a “person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.”

DJ Envy asked Vic Mensa if he still wanted to drag Akademiks around Chicago.

“I don’t wanna drag DJ Akademiks around Chicago,” Vic said. “I think what he kinda comes to prominence for is phony. I think he’s a phony, and he’s not even a DJ. But it’s not my mission to destroy DJ Akademiks. I don’t think he has a place in the culture past being a parasite. I’m not waking up thinking about him. I don’t really give a f**k about him.

Vic recently threw a shot at the Akademiks during his “Sway In The Morning” freestyle.

Vic gets at Akademiks over Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPoWer” beat, rapping, “And all I hear is the same questions, interviews, wanna pin the news in my city to benefit their business/That s**t is whack, that’s why I call you DJ Wackademiks/I’m a menace.”

In June, Vic Mensa made a guest appearance on Complex News “Everyday Struggle” YouTube program where he called out DJ Akademiks for making fun of the deaths in his hometown of Chicago. Akademiks gained popularity from his War In Chiraq.

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The conversation took a turn for the worse when Akademiks ask Vic about outsiders hyping up drill music.

Vic directed his anger at Akademiks.

“I wanted to slap you in your face. I’m just seeing you here and this is tame environment, and I will keep it to my words but I feel like people exactly like you sensationalized and made a following out of clowning situations we go through in real life.”

Vic then posed a question to Akademiks, asking, “What ever made you feel like you had a space to have perspective on our people dying on a daily basis?”

Akademiks replied, “Drill was so hyped up by everyone I had to give a different perspective.”

Vic went on to say he was upset with Akademiks for making fun of the death of close friend Tray 57 in YouTube commentary video “Chiraq Rapper ‘Tray 57’ Killed Hours After Dissing Lil Reese & Edai.”

“I really think you’re a b***h because there’s a video that you put up about a person named Tray 57 making all these jokes, ‘Here’s another Chiraq savage like this guy’s stupid and he messed with Grim Reaper.’ Like n***a this is not a video game. That’s a n***a I grew up with and known since I was five years old, and to see you come on the Internet, and with this corny a-- voice, and make jokes about it, I was waiting to see you.”

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