Waka Flocka Bans Lil Xan From Hip Hop, T.I. Co-signs Him

Waka Flocka ain’t rocking with Lil Xan. Xan recently disrespected the culture he’s profiting from by dissing Tupac.

Xan ranked Pac a two out of nine during an interview, calling the late rapper “boring.”

Where do you rank #Tupac on a scale from 1-9? 🤔 @revolttv #lilxan

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Waka took to Twitter to express his frustrations with Diego:

“Respect is everything, never forget that.

Pac help me get thru childhood!!! S**t hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally… I hope nobody overlook me accomplishments when I leave

GoD ofRap, Hip Hop, etc Tupac Shakur!!!!

Lil Xan banned from hip hop”

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