XXXTentacion Says He Might Be A Demon

#xxxtentacion asked if he’s a #demon ?

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XXXTentacion had a Q&A session with his fans on IG account. One fan asked X if he was a Demon.

X replied, “No, but I have a demonic energy. I may be a demon. I don’t know. You tell me.”

X shocked fans after sporting a “Team Satan: 666” cap last week.

X had fans thinking he was down with the Satanism movement ever since his release from jail earlier this year. The “Look At Me” rapper took a photo standing next to a Baphomet painting. The Church of Satan uses the Baphomet symbol.

#xxxtentacion takes photo next to #Baphomet painting ? #xtentacion #illuminati #satanism #666

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In May, X defended Sahbabii’s comments on Lil Uzi Vert’s upside down cross.

“By the way, for those of you who don’t know what the upside down cross is, it’s nothing satanic,” X said. “Just so you know. Stop saying that. It’s not controversial.”

#xxxtentacion explains meaning of upside down cross ? #illuminati #satanism #killuminati #religion #christianity

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XXXTentacion dissed Migos Offset for dissing Sahbabii over “upside down cross” comments.

“I don’t respect no n***a that don’t wanna see a young n***a prosper,” X said. “That s**t p***y. You supposed to wanna help the new generation. Tell this p***y n***a Offset to get off a n***a d**k. The f**k you on that young n***a d**k for? Always on somebody d**k. Shut yo p***y a– up. N****s like 35 still tryna catch the wave. Yo career over.”

#xxxtentacion disses #migos #offset

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