Young Chop Wants Kanye West To Walk Around South Side Chicago To End Violence

Young Chop wants Kanye West to do more to help his hometown of Chicago. Chop made a request during his interview with WatchLOUD that Ye make an appearance in the South Side of Chicago to help end the violence.

“Like, bro…bring your a-- back to the city,” Chop said. “Walk around that b----. Stop these n****s from killing each other. That’s what I’m on. It should not be that.

“…If [Kanye] would just show his face in the city, that’s all I want him to do,” Chop continued. “Instead of just doing a big a-- concert. Walk around that m-----------. Nobody is gonna touch you, trust and believe me. Just go to the hood. If the n***a would come through there and politic with n****s, this s--- would be crazy! That’s all I want from n****s.”

When asked what he was doing to stop the violence, Chop replied that he couldn’t do it himself and that it takes some of the City’s high-profile celebs to help.

“…Lupe Fiasco, Twista, all these n****s,” Chop explained. “They’re from the hood, but they’re from a different era. That’s what it is. They’re from the ‘90s era, so it’s different, but n----- would still listen to them. Boy if Kanye West walked through Chicago, do you know how motherf****rs would be looking, bro? Does he know how big that would be? Just to walk through that b----. They don’t have respect for him! I’m telling you this!”

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