Young Jeezy Pens Open Letter To President Obama Over Fatal Police Shooting of Ferguson Teen Mike Brown

Young Jeezy is calling for President Obama to take on a bigger role in assuring justice for slain Ferguson teen Mike Brown. Brown, 18, was unarmed when he was fatally shot Aug. 9 by a police officer.

Jeezy penned an open letter to the Commander-In-Chief via IG:

It’s been 13 days since Michael Brown was gunned down. 13 days since he was taken from his friends and love ones that watched him grow to become a young man. In these 13 days I watched a town town become devastated. I watched the ferguson police department and the Mayor James Knowles, single handily build a wall of distrust by not communicating and informing the same citizens and tax payers that voted for and payed there Salary’s. I watched my people being herded as if they were cattle, for peacefully protesting In the very community that they work hard to raise there families in. Dear Mr. President, I know there are many things in this world that has our Nation’s Capitol attention, such as the Ebola virus, and what is goin In Syria and Irac with Isis. There is a war going on right here on American soil, right here in our back yard; with war there are casualties. As I look at this young man in this photo that was taken in ferguson, holding a home made molotov cocktail. I can’t help but to see the same picture from the civil rights movement in 1964. I ask my self; How did we get back here?! How did we get back to a place where our children take on the roles of soldiers?! As I look at this photo I can’t help but to pray. I am a single father and I could not fathom my son having to fight for his civil rights. We as a country must band together and stop this before the violence spreads any further. I have the utmost respect for the city of Ferguson and Saint Louis for standing firm and letting there voices be heard. Michel would be proud! When it’s all said and done and the smoke clears we can not let the actions of one individual take a our country back to 1964. #justiceformichaelbrown #saveourchildren

It didn’t take long for Jeezy to fully immerse himself into the activism behind the senseless killing of Brown.

Jeezy called for the end of police targeting unarmed children Monday on Twitter.

“Michael ‘mike mike’’ brown [may] he rest in peace. This gotta stop! Shooting unarmed children. What happen to protecting and serving?” he wrote on Twitter.

The “Seen It All” rapper called for supporters of Brown to stand together as they pursued justice.

“It’s a shame in today’s Society we have to protect our loved ones from those who are sworn to protect us. We have to stand strong together and let our voices be heard be heard across the nation. We will not tolerate innocent children being slain. Michael Brown may you rest with the Angels!!! #saveourchildren #StLouisstandup,” the caption on his IG post read.

Jeezy honored Brown during his St. Louis concert performance.

“This what we gone do for Michael,” Jeezy told the crowd. “Put your cell phones and your lighters in the air right now for his dreams. We gon light it up for him. Cell phones and your lighters in the air.”

Jeezy also made his way to Ferguson to visit the site where the QuikTrip was burned down.

“I had to see it for myself!!!! The answer is not tearing down our own neighborhoods and communties, the answer is goin to the source of the problem in numbers. So man numbers that they know they don’t have a chance. We ant justice not chaos!! #ferguson #st.louis #saveourchildren #justiceformichaelbrown,” he wrote in the caption of his IG post.

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