Chicago Artist Lil’ Jay To Drop ‘Unexpected Fame’ Mixtape on Feb. 20

Marketing is everything for up-and-coming Chicago Artist Lil Jay. The Windy City native is gearing up for the release of his upcoming mixtape “Unexpected Fame.”

Changing his Twitter name to “MIXTAPE DROP 2-20-13,” the “Flexin” rapper is utilizing social media to generate a buzz for his upcoming project.

Chicago artist Lil’ Jay recently released his latest music video “Flexin.’” The video, shot by Fly Visual production, features the Fly Boy Gang rapper bouncing with fellow his comrades in a room.

The rapper generated buzz after releasing the “F*ck Sosa” official music video.

In the song, Lil’ Jay raps, “We screaming f*ck Sosa/ You just a foot soldier/ Free my ni**a Motor/ He do this when her sober/ Damn we some winners/ You just a beginner/ We shoot sh*t like a camera/ All my ni**as sinners.”

Check out “Flexin” official music video below.

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9 Responses to Chicago Artist Lil’ Jay To Drop ‘Unexpected Fame’ Mixtape on Feb. 20

  1. atown bankz says:

    ill f*** with it when it drop. yall got me messin with the chicago music

  2. priincess says:


  3. capo swag says:

    hahaha ma n*gga. do yo thing. i f*** with fbg n bricksquad. i know this b***h gon b dope.

  4. jimmy neutron says:

    y do all of these rappers gotta put lil in their rap name. be original u f***s

  5. lil caesar says:

    chicago nicca!!!!!!

  6. fo7k says:

    n*ggas sleepin on lil jay. he da truth

  7. peanut says:

    feb 20th? where is link so i can bookmark

  8. kiesha says:

    i hate the fake ass music coming from the industry. ima check it out when it drops

  9. James Jebbia says:

    Did this ever RELEASE?

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