Chief Keef & Lil’ Durk End Beef

Chief Keef and Lil’ Durk have resolved their differences, according to statements made by the “Dis Ain’t What You Want” rapper during a “Sway In The Morning” interview.

News of discontent within the 300 Black Disciple camp between the two artists sent shockwaves throughout social media.

But Durk went on record to say there is no beef.

“It was just a little bit of words,” Durk said. “It ain’t nothing major, though.”

Durk revealed he and Keef had a talk following their social media fallout.

“We had a little few words… we cooling right now,” he said. “I respected that. We respect each other. We got love for each other. You know how Twitter is. Twitter gon take everything the wrong way.

Durk commented that social media wanted to see a beef, but the two aren’t going to feed into it.

“Twitter crazy cuz by being two of the biggest artists in Chicago, they gon want to see us beef,” he said. “But that ain’t gon happen, though. When I seen it in the Hip Hop Weekly, I’m like they tying their best.

“A few words ain’t nothing,” he said.

Watch Lil’ Durk’s “Sway In The Morning” interview below

Lil’ Durk set Twitter ablaze after slamming Chief Keef for failing to provide him the bond money required for his release.

Durk and OTF associate, @IINKY_chiefwuk, went on a social media tirade Friday disparaging Chief Keef and his label Glory Boyz Entertainment with the latter OTF member being more vocal.

“Niggas kno who was puttin up all that bond money for folks nem to get out that jam on bd ‪@lildurk_

“Ion respect no nigga that leave they homies n jail

“If any of r niggas got a bond we goin to get em on bd,” @IINKY_chiefwuk wrote.

IINKY commented that money changed Keef, writing, “MONEY DONT CHANGE REAL NIGGAS ON BD ME N BRO ‪@lildurk_ still n these streets we ain’t duckn shit on lil moe.”

“NEVA switch UP on yo niggas that’s bad for yo Heath ‪#OTF300,” he added.

Lil’ Durk spent more than four weeks in jail and is rumored to have engaged in several physical altercations with rival gang members, according Bricksquad 069 rapper P. Rico.


IINKY belittled Chief Keef, calling the “Hate Being Sober” a “bitch.”

“‪@ChiefKeef u a bitch shorty ‪#TURNUP ‪#OTF,” he wrote. The message was retweeted by Lil’ Durk.

Lil’ Durk attacked Chief Keef for staying in the suburbs and leaving the O’ Block neighborhood, writing, “Im on 64th and normal tweetin not in DA woods tweetin ‪#glosquad.”

“Fuck gbe bitch,” he added.

Chief Keef moved to a Chicago suburb just before the release of his solo debut album “Finally Rich” in December.

But the Def Jam rapper doesn’t hold any ill-will towards GBE members Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese.

“S/o ‪@LilReese300 and ‪@FREDOSANTANA300 for bein 100 and not ‪#fufu ‪#Squaaaaaad,” he wrote.

But all of GBE wasn’t safe from wrath of OTF.

IINKY went on to attack several members of Glory Boyz.

IINKY slammed Capo, writing, “I kno all YU niggas b y’all ain’t bout this life cuss.”

IINKY referred to Keef as being “fufu” to GBE member Tray Savage, writing, “y’all kno how we rockn son yo mans nem fufu on bd.”

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  • O Block

    O block or no block

  • Denise

    lil durk got scared lol

  • LsOrShells

    They didn’t end shit. Them niggas are still going back and forth. Check their twitters. Lil Durk got them 600 boys on his ass now.

  • Flowerskilla

    They still both biitches..BDKKKKKKKK R.i.p lil jojo

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    i guess this wansnt wat durk wanted

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