Chief Keef Sneak Disses Lil Durk In ‘All I Care About,’ Coke Boy Rapper Responds

The friction between Chief Keef and former 300 protégé Lil Durk doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Sosa made mention of the “100 Rounds” rapper in his new Young Chop-produced single “All I Care About.”

Sosa’s new single will appear on his forthcoming mixtape project “Back From The Dead 2.”

Sosa sneak disses Durk, rapping, “Where yo Coke, Boy? My choppa down!”

Keef made this line the focal point of an IG post, silencing all speculation on what was actually said in this track.

“Where yo Coke Boy? My Choppa Down!” he again said in his IG post.

Lil Durk didn’t waste any time issuing a statement on Sosa’s latest antics.

“I’m not talking bout no GBE or no mubu when I tweet…….4wat,” the “Signed To The Streets 2” rapper wrote.

Durk later wrote he doesn’t sneak diss and is direct when it comes to addressing beef.

“Dat ain’t no diss @SupaSavageOj lol I say names,” Durk later added.

Durk’s statement is reaffirmation of a position he’s held for several months.

Durk wrote in December 2013 he doesn’t subtweet GBE or Mubu.

“I don’t subtweet #GBE or #MUBU so don’t feel some type of wayyyyy,” he wrote.

Durk and Sosa’s beef dates back to summer 2013. Durk most notably took aim at the “Bang 3” rapper following his release from jail.

The entire altercation stemmed from Sosa’s refusal to pay Durk’s $10,000 bond.

Lil’ Durk, whose birth name is Durk D. Banks, was arrested on a weapons charge in early June.

Police reportedly saw the OTF rapper pitch a stolen handgun in the backseat of a parked Hyundai Sonata in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Durk’s bond amount was set at $100,000. He needed 10 percent of the bond amount, $10,000 to be exact, for release.

Durk took direct aim at Sosa following his release from jail.

“Fuck gbe bitch,” Durk wrote.

Lil’ Durk slammed Chief Keef for not giving back to the 300 Black Disciple neighborhood.

“U would of been got killed if it wasn’t for 300

“Fuck a deal I’m out here u better off sub tweetin DA OPPS ‪#iknowdarealyou

“We’re u gone spend it at cus u can’t cum around here wit it lol

“If u squad y u ain’t get tslick or drose !!!!! U gotta bigga deal right ‪#fufu

“It take for yo bitch ass to beef wit me to finally do sum for yo block Durk been buyin guns dummy #,” he wrote.

But Sosa wasn’t going to sit idly by and take threats from the “Dis Ain’t What You Want” rapper.

Sosa discredited Durk’s affiliation to the Black Disciples, calling the Def Jam rapper a former “brick.”

“Cant Believe Niggas Stuntin Fa Da Twit Dats Crazy Kno Damn Well I Kno U Jus like u kno me goof ass Use To be Brick,” he wrote.

Keef let it known that he is forever O’Block.

“O Nem Raised me Better No Opps Allowed

“Aye man On O Grave I aint beefin I dont beef Wit people i dont kno Unless Its Physical



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  • Anonymous

    damn lol

  • Anonymous

    Are you fucking kidding me? Before any of you retard fanboys comment , Chief Keef rapped about robbing someone of cocaine, calling them boy just like someone could say dude, nigga, cuz, bro -anything. Look at what Durk tweeted, how is that a response to anything? How would “Where yo Coke Boy?” even be a sneak diss, this website’s pretty good at covering news but this is just embarrassing

    • Anonymous

      i agree, this is reaching lol

      • Ganja

        yea kollegkekid do that alot especially when it comes to Sosa and sneak dissin like damn folk its just a line of a song

    • hate being soba

      But even ppl n his IG comments say it was a sneak diss. Dat’s what he’s known for lol

    • RandySavage

      are you retarded durk is signed to french montana (coke boys)and have you ever heard the french and waka track choppa down. how did that line go over your head

  • I got Ben Stein $

    Sosa n Durk gotta meet face to face. OTF aint got nothin on GBE!!

    • Andrew

      there is no GBE anymore dumbass

      • Anonymous

        There is GBE its the whole group with subdivisions of Glo Gang and SSR.Check Fredo’s twitter his bio says Co-Ceo of GBE and some other guys have #GBE in their bios

    • Trap Game Bill Gates

      Durk and keef linked up in Cali like 3 weeks ago so that means they cool

  • Quan Stack$

    Sosa always talmbout “sneak dissers thats the shit i dont liek’ n he steady sneak dissin everyone

  • Bret

    Sosa don’t want it with Durk. Durk is affiliated with GDz boi!!!

    • The Joker

      Durk not GD dumb ass

      • Anonymous

        But He’s dad is


    Where yo Coke Boy!!! LMAO GET EM DURK!!!!

  • Elroy Jetson

    Ding Ding Ding Round 2: Sosa VS Durk


    Thit ish boutta go down!!!! #TEAMSOSA

    • Anonymous


      • Jack Da Ripper

        Da hell a coke boy lol?

  • Nigel

    Y Sosa sound like a Jamaican n dis song lol

  • kpeezy

    Y’all niggas so stupid. Lil dirk is signed with French Montana, who label is call the coke boyz. French also has a song called choppa down.

  • Anonymous

    Im mad I cant even read da story. Im n skoo n shit

  • 7gangshit92

    mfs hide behind guns….i remember when mfs u to get use them hands oms

    • double oo lil hoe

      Nigga how old is u lol

  • Anonymous

    sosa be slick wit da sneak diss tho

  • Anonymous

    where yo coke boy my choppas down

  • Anonymous

    there’s no beef between durk and Sosa nomore stop this tom foolery

  • the game

    I swear niggas is dumb. Sosa is telling French Montana where yo coke boy. He asking whete lil durk at n he said I got choppas down which is a french song. Dont underestimate sosa, he smart asl frfr

    • Anonymous

      really? chief keef smart? nigga you ride the short bus to school? like damn this nigga is clearly slow af. nigga whatchacallit, autistic. he aint even a talented autistic nigga the nigga music is so fucking wack.

      • the game

        chief keef is worth 6million more than you are. the kid is smart. you are just the dumb one

        • Anonymous

          keef aint smart that nigga is gona be broke in a few years boa

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    He salty cause Durk’s popularity is rising and his is fading.

  • erickkk

    Durk a lil bitch he’s Lil Misters cousin sit the fuck down goofy

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