CNN Anchor Rosemary Church Suggests Ferguson Police Use Water Cannons On Mike Brown Protesters

Monday’s protests in Ferguson began peaceful. But that was short-lived as chaos ensued after police fired tear gas and stun grenades at demonstrators.

The police’s use of such force has drawn much criticism. CNN Anchor Rosemary Church suggested an alternative method police should use to control the crowd- water cannons.

“Why are you using this strategy? Why the use of tear gas? Stun grenades? Why not perhaps use water cannons?” Church asked. “At least it’s not going to have the same kind of effect. Maybe something that targets this small group.”

The use of water cannons would undeniably draw more criticism. The Ferguson protests have already drawn comparisons to the Birmingham marches of the 60s. Birmingham Police drew notoriety for using high-pressure water jets from fire hoses on protesters.

The protests in Ferguson are now entering its twelfth day. The National Guard is now working with Missouri State Highway Patrol to control protests.

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23 Responses to CNN Anchor Rosemary Church Suggests Ferguson Police Use Water Cannons On Mike Brown Protesters

  1. luv dee white hoes. says:

    There protesters so she must be refering to the awfull smell of [racial expletive]s in the area so why not do what they did in the LA riots and bring out DA [thot]s.give deez n*ggas abath and maybe errbody will go home.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    dis sh*t made my day ctfu

  4. Anonymous says:

    smh stupid b***h….and look at the uncle tom sitting next to her

  5. Anonymous says:

    foreign journalists should not cover domestic issues

  6. Eat A Booty Gang: Cool Guy(former cop/former brown disciple gang leader) says:

    I think they should use real bullets on these [racial expletive]s rubber bullets don’t do sh*t!

  7. nicki says:

    he gave her the side eye lmao

  8. Derrick Jones says:

    Racist b***h must not have watched eyes on the prize

  9. They should use a water cannon on her dirty ass p***y!! Racist b***h!

  10. Anonymous says:

    he almost got black on wire when she said that

  11. Parish says:

    So what are the protestors demanding? And how long will it last if they get what they want? I hope all police rot and die in hell but seriously why use picket signs and words? Just follow the cops home, wait in they bushes, and solve the problem…

  12. Parish says:

    A cops life for mike browns life. Make them feel the hurt

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  14. Krazy KracKerjeremyhusband79 says:

    Instead of using high pressured water, why not use high pressured gasoline. Soak those [racial expletive]s down real good! Then strike a match and watch as some of the most worthless beings ever in existence pops, crackles and smolders. I wish we could do this to all [racial expletive]s. They are just parasites. All they do in life is take whatever they can get out of the white man. Like we owe them for bringing them out of poverty into the greatest nation. All they had to do was work. Leave it to a [racial expletive] to complain about having to work.

  15. Krazy KracKer says:

    Worthless [racial expletive]s!!! First to demand a handout, last to want to work for something. If these [racial expletive]s want to protest something, how about protesting rap music, the image it portrays, and the influence it has on black youth. But no that would be admitting to wrongs instead of blaming it all on the white man whos done everything he can to help you succeed.

  16. Krazy KracKer says:

    Mike brown was a thug. Cops dont just shoot innocent people. Most of the time they hesitate even to shoot the criminals that they should shoot. The only reason this is an ussue is because the cop was white. If the cop was black, or the criminal were white, nobody would have batted an eyelash. N*ggers just need a reason to commit there next batch of crime and thuggish behavior because the “whitey beez rayciss an sheeit” whine lost most of its luster when we put a [racial expletive] in the white house. Twice!! Myself personally am racist, yes! But for good reason. Ive never met a [racial expletive] who did not perpetuate all stereotypes. And while there are some white who are prejudiced and have a hatred towards blacks for how they act today, most all blacks hate whites for sh*t that happened hundreds of years ago. Despite all weve done to help them including going to war with ourselves. This is why some whites hate [racial expletive]s.

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