Pasadena Police ‘Conspired to Cover Up Facts’ in College Student Kendrec McDade’s Shooting Death

An attorney for Kendrec McDade, a 19-year-old unarmed college student gunned down by police on March 24, said the shooting was motivated by race.

McDade family attorney Caree Harper claims “race may have been one motivating factor” in the shooting death of the teen, The Pasadena-Star News reports.

Harper reportedly filed an administrative claim against the city of Pasadena and five police officers.

Officers responsible for the shooting are Mathew Griffin and Jeffrey Newlen. Newlen fired eight rounds of ammo at the teen as he was running from the scene of a robbery. Police say McDade was grabbing for his waistband and believe he was reaching for a gun.

McDade was handcuffed as lay dying on the pavement where he was shot, The Pasadena-Star News reports.

Harper told The Pasadena- Star News Sanchez and Pasadena Police Department Detective Keith Gomez “conspired to cover up facts,” including the lies made in the 911 call.

Check out Footage of Rally Held for Kendrec McDade below

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