Lil Durk Disses Game, L.A. Rapper Responds

Lil Durk may not be issuing a follow up response to Tyga and Game’s “Chiraq To LA” diss, but that doesn’t mean the OTF rapper is going let matters slide that easy.

Lil Durk had a few choice words for Game via social media.

“Y’all got more money but I got the streets I’m streets y’all industry

“I’m on the game ass and the b***h ass chiraq rappers dats wit em,” he wrote.

Game learned of Durk’s comments and issued a response of his own.

“I hear ya loud & clear Lil Jurk,” Game wrote.

The beef between Durk and Tyga erupted after the OTF Coke Boy’s verse on Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” remix.

Lil Durk took aim at the “Rack City” rapper, rapping, “Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, telling thot b*****s I’m not right/Tyga only got one name, but that n***a only got one stripe/He backpack, so it’s easy to get the n***a s**t snatched/Ask Mally Mal to get his s**t back/It’s Chiraq don’t come her. You ain’t from here, don’t come here.”

Tyga then tapped Game to double team Durk in his response track.

Durk took to Twitter to issue a response to the diss.

“He needed that help his ass was finished lol,

“Chiraq I love city we turn up!!!!!!!

“Wtf tyga was talking bout lol he let game get all the song so tyga can feel tuff,

“I’m on n****s ass no let up talk dat street s**t I’m wit all da bulls**t,” Durk wrote.

Los Angeles rapper The Menace had a few choice words for rival Game in response to the diss.

“This n***a take on everybody beef .. But his,” the “Put On My N****s” rapper wrote.

Durk messaged Menace, writing, “@ComptonMenace I’m on his ass squad.”

Lil Durk’s response track is looking to be very damaging. Bump J is very well plugged on Chi Town’s Hip Hop scene and the streets as well.

His music helped lay the groundwork for putting Chicago music on the map.

Lil Durk previously paid homage to the incarcerated rapper via social media.

“Free bump dey cant hold a real nigga 4eva,” he wrote.

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    first pussy ass bitches

    • G-Unot Killa

      Durk can”t go to LA no more

  • Anonymous

    chiraq vs la bout to turn up

    • Dey dnt want dat shyt to turn up boa.. It”s too many savages up hea dem nigguhs Hollywood we monsters period

  • Anonymous

    game would wash durk on some real shit he aint seeing game with the hands

  • Anonymous

    game a fake blood. he not bout dat

    • Lacy

      is he really a fake blood cuz i keep hearing people say it. i dont believe he a fake blood

    • forty

      fake blood or not he wud still whoop lil durk ass one on one.thats the point

  • how can yall not see durk a fraud, dat nigga saying tyga need game help but ona track game can merk durk, if they link up game can probably knock out durk too so if shit get real whats durk gonna do? get help from his homies they will probably shoot game so he gonna get help like tyga did! ima durk fan but smh

  • Khalil

    Durk trying so hard to be down with them industry niggas. Trying to dress like them and do features with them. Durk never had a hit that sold over 50,000 copies. He gotta step his game up before trying to fuck with them. They don”t really care because at the end they bread long and durk”s not.

  • trap man

    game talm bout he know niggas from chiraq but niggas from chiraq dont even know him lmfao

  • Anonymous

    dis bout to get craaazy

  • Capo_GBE300

    Glonl2 coming this month #Glo

    • Lil Gucci

      Shut up nigga, nobody want that wack ass shit.


    • no lackin homie

      u lame af boa

      • Dnt get this internet shyt twisted the nigguhs who turning up fa durk are 100 but da nigguhs dat ain”t jus dnt fuc wit him rite now like lil reese and keef… Try to cum hea after talkn crazy bout dese baby monsters yo ass gon get checked

  • Anonymous

    i dont think chiraq bout dat life cuz not many rappers from out dere turned up for lil durk. i really chicago could run the industry if dey stopped beefing wit each other

    • Blocka! Blocka!

      Yep Chi got the crown now…..wut we gonna do wit it. Stand the fuck up chiraq! Lets stop killin each other and go after these industry niggas!

  • Anonymous

    the violence between bullymob and oth has claimed 3 lives this month. cpd gang unit has stated that this is the deadliest gang war that theyve ever dealt with. its literally tearing the streets apart, pitting brother against brother, parents against their children, etc. and there is no end in sight. attempted cease fires have only ended in bloodshed. the 4 mile area that theyre fighting over has garnered a new nickname: chinigeria.

    • Real OTH Deezy

      You know how we rock!

  • OTF Alan

    The Gayme is doing a free boat concert on the lake in Chicago may 24. Free hot dogs and root beer for all BrickSquad STL crew. Only the Frankfurters crew.

  • chiraq? nah

    One on one against The Game, Lil Durk aint stand a chance.

    And its just u internet faggots who be sayin “chiraq x la boutta turn up”, LA on another level they aint care bout ur ass

  • cities dissin cities is hella dumb dumb. but dont think if durk showed up niccas wont clacc. chicago niccas tough in chicago like la niccas tough in la.

  • California

    The west mess with durk, but it all started cuse durk dissed tyga’s wife. Keep it solid, never mention a mans wife on a song. You must not be too lyrical if you need to. Dont get to talking that “niggas cant come to chirag” shit cuse itcan be vice versa. WHAT COAST DID BIGGIE(RIP) DIE ON?
    another thing is why is chicago brothers happy to have a high murder rate? What do yall rank in high school graduates tho? I hear both sides of music duke da beast jojo(RIP). Killa kellz, rico recklezz, $wagg,cash out063 fly boy gang and la Capone(RIP) cdai edai keef durk fredo tay600 etc. I like it all but hopefully they can make money and stop genocide. LA IS NOT SOFT SO DONT COME DISSIN, THE STREETS RUN EVERYTHING HERE. WE RESPECT YALL SAVAGES RESPECT OUR GANGSTA CUZ

  • Insane BDk #069

    How durk tryna beef with game & tyga when he cant even handle The Insanes? Boa stay runnin on foenem #Jojoworld #aikiville #dieLsforlamronK 300k #BDk

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  • lol

    you’d think after blood money died these idiots would shut there mouths.chicago is dumb as fuck yall think your the only city with gangs and hoods

  • lol

    then again,anyone can sound tough over the internet.its when you step outside that matters

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