Lil Durk Threatens To Break Capo’s Jaw

The brick wall that stands between Glo Gang and OTF will not be torn down anytime soon. Members from both camps continue to throw jabs at one another.

Lil Durk, namely, has been defending the OTF fort and took aim at Capo Friday morning for dissing.

A fake Chief Keef IG profile messaged Capo, writing, “F**k lil durk bitch ass hoe.”

Capo unknowingly shot back with an incendiary response, writing, “He a b***h his whole squad sum b*****s hahah.”

The fake Sosa profile soon informed Durk.

Lil Durk wasn’t at all pleased with Capo’s remarks, writing, “Sneak dissin bad for your health @Elcappgguo I’m catch you and break your jaw on #plutograve.”

Durk may hold true to his word. The OTF frontman has been working on his hands.

This exchange is the latest in comments made between Durk and Capo.

A few days ago, Capo slammed Durk’s camp, writing, “I’m GloGang Not Otf or Gbe.”

Durk replied, writing, “@Capo_GBE300 @SupaSavageOj funny ass niggas love da net.”

Lil Durk and Glo Gang rapper BallOut recently bumped heads via social media.

Durk wrote on Twitter he doesn’t subtweet GBE or Mubu.

“I don’t subtweet #GBE or #MUBU so don’t feel some type of wayyyyy,” he wrote.

Durk messaged BallOut, telling the “Rookie Of The Year” rapper to be at fallen OTF brother Lil Pat’s funeral.

Lil Pat, also known as Pluto, died from injuries sustained in an automobile crash. He was 24.

“Ballout on BD u a bitch if ion see u at my lil bro funeral,” he wrote.

BallOut later retweeted a message that called Lil Durk a “hoe.”

Durk and GBE’s beef has been longstanding. Durk most notably took aim at the rap clique following his release from jail.

The entire altercation stemmed from Sosa’s refusal to pay Durk’s $10,000 bond.

“Fuck gbe bitch,” he wrote.

Lil Durk was arrested in June after police allegedly saw the Def Jam rapper pitching a stolen handgun in the backseat of a parked Hyundai Sonata in the Englewood neighborhood in South Side Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Durk was hit with a five-count indictment that included unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. He was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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  • Kammi

    y don’t Capo rep GBE? Im confused

    • Almighty Shoota

      They tryna turn this gbe shit into something called glo gang so most members stopped reppin gbe but the funny part is that capo said gbe on his new album

  • gguod

    fuck whoever the stan ass bitch with a fake profile starting shit is. smdh

  • All I Rock Is Polo

    Capo got caught lackin ctfu

  • Hall Of Fam3

    niggaz n chicago dont got hands, dats y dey gotta pick up a gun first.

    • Quan Stack$

      yea durk aint got handz lol

  • Molly Cyrus

    Dam capo should known dat wasn’t Sosa IG. Broski was lackin for real

  • O blocc Or No blocc

    Dem niggaz goofy cuz dey all 300 n dey shouldnt be beefin. dey puttin on a show 4 da opps. fuck wrong wit em

  • Flatbush Rican

    Itz always something new wit deze catz hahahaha

    N durk handz lookin kinda weak n dat 1 vid

  • Anonymous

    come c if chicago niggas got hands @Hall of Fam3 n i guarantee u gon run bck 2 yo city wishin a city nigga hit u wit tht slamma on god

  • Windy Boy

    Real talk this shit gettin kinda goofy. 300 need to stay strong . yall the best thing reppin for Chiraq. Yall fucking up the city having a presence in the inudstry. Yall see dey dont wanna have nothin 2 do with. let’s get it on our own n take over. But yall on sum fuck boy shit doe

  • Anonymous


  • DJ

    I don’t know. I think capo would whoop durk ass in a fist fight doe

  • koolio

    capo not gbe. den who in gbe??????

  • bdkkk

    they about that life….that twitter life lol
    die lz for these lames

  • Anonymous

    Lil durk sneak dissin like every other day tho lmao

  • #700

    Chicago niggas do got hands that’s why niggas go get them thumpers but anyway fuck glogirls 7414 bitch and I’m cool with sum bds but them niggas there fufu

  • Anonymous

    wtf man dey supposed to be bros smh

  • diddy

    dis shit funny asl man

  • quincy

    durk hands looks weak. he aint gonna break shit

  • LILJAY#00

    Capo got caught lackin by a fake sosa profile. straight comedy fam

  • chittownbd

    If Durk BreAK This Nigga Capo Jaw I Will Buy The Next 5 albums On Bd…If He Kill Capo Durk A Be God To Me…Clones DOnt Live Long

  • d_Freshh

    Lil jay I fucks wit you hard cuzzo!! Keep killin em softly Cuz!!

  • A-Rock

    But capo is originally NLMB!!! He a bitch

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