Lil Rasheed Is Getting Money & Thuggin

Lil Rasheed has yet to lose all of his baby teeth, but is already learning the tricks of the trade in street hustlenomics.

The South Side of Chicago adolescent’s exploits are occasionally captured on video where he talks getting money and gangbanging.

One clip shows Lil Rasheed holding cash and saying, “I keep all hundreds and fifties and fives and twenties and all that. Yall n****s know how I’m coming out here, man. I’m getting money and gang banging.”

Lil Rasheed picked up rolling dice as a hustle and says he came up on 28 dollars in totals earnings.

Lil Rasheed is thumbing through some bands in another footage.

“I keep it on me, boy. No lackin, boy,” he says as he flaunts his cash. “I’m in Chicago. Hey little Wiz, he ain’t got more than this. These hundreds and fifties.”

On a serious note, where are Lil Rasheed’s parents?

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  • Anonymous

    Damn lil nigga came with 8 mfkin dollars

    • koogi king

      lmao! he came in with 8 dolas!

      • smack cam

        8 dollars!

    • G-Unot Killa

      A Lil Mouse Diss song coming soon I bet lol

  • goonie

    haha who is this kidd

  • da ceo

    this lil nigga three with a bank roll lmao

  • Anonymous

    youngin so savage tho wtf

  • Tod


  • Will

    Take that cash and go straight to the nearest dentist.

  • she_badd


  • Anonymous

    thats baby fredo

    • gucci timz

      lol hell nah

  • Anonymous

    i seen this nigga on vine listenin to bdk

  • Trap Game Bill Gates

    This nigga got more money than lil jay in the flexin and finessin video wit billionaire black lmfaoo

  • Wesley

    that kid could be the next bill gates. he got the hustling part down. now all he needs to do is educate himself

    • Anonymous


  • Squad

    Lil homie got that bag

  • Anon

    I bet you it’s some other guys money (the person who’s filming it) like that lil nigga off Instagram you guys are gullible as fuck

    • Anonymous

      ofcourse it is someone else money

  • lil nigga get his shit took round these parts idgaf my niggas hungry put his lil ass in a body bag for that doe.

  • 22shotz

    Id poke that lil nigga on Dave

  • smh

    this lil nigga doomed from the start he aint eeen know it, his old folks teachin him this bs

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