Radio Host Tommy Sotomayor Blasts Gay NBA Player Jason Collins For Being On The Downlow, Calls Him A Liar and A Fraud

Many outlets have praised NBA athlete Jason Collins for coming out of the closet, calling his actions “brave.”

Jason Collins is now the first openly gay active NBA player.

But radio talk show host Tommy Satomayor blasted Collins for his “historic” announcement.

Collins, Sotomayor said, is a “fraud and a liar.”

“In any aspect of the world would we not give someone credit for something that they did, Satomayor said.

Sotomayor likened Collins’ actions to that of a cheater and molester.

“Imagine if Kobe Bryant came out and told his wife ‘I’m cheating,’” Sotomayor explained. “Would we give him a standing ovation? Would he be on the cover of a magazine and we applaud him for finally telling the truth about telling a lie he had been living?”

Collins’ ex-fiance Carolyn Moos was shocked by his announcement, saying, she had no idea, according to Yahoo Sports.

“Jason Collins had a fiancé and his fiance’s name was Carolyn Moos,” Sotomayor said. “Carolyn Moss came out and said, ‘I was completely taken aback and I’m shocked and I feel like he wasted eight years of my life’”

Satomayor said Collins put both his male and female partners at risk, but said any mention of Collins’ adverse behavior is rebuked due to a “Gay Agenda.”

Satomayor said anyone in opposition and in favor of same-sex marriage should be able to voice their opinions with no fear of backlash.

Satomayor alleges Collins is using his sexuality to sign another contract with an NBA team.

Collins, a center for the Washington Wizards, revealed in a first-person article on Sports Illustrated’s website that he was gay.

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay,” he wrote.

Collins told ABC’s Good Morning America he “never set out to be the first” openly gay NBA player.

Watch Tommy Satomayor’s ‘Jason Collins’ segment below

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  • blakk nikka

    we was talkin bout that shit in the barbershop. charles barkely n nem aint gon say nuthn to jeapordize their job because his boss is most likely gay and niggas don’t approve of that shit thats white media caling it heroic. white man has tried to emasculate black men since we got over here

  • smitty

    I don’t even fuck with this nigga but I agree wit him right here

  • Mary

    That man is not a hero. He seems to be seeking attention. He should have came out his rookie year.

  • Stacey

    I don’t respect individuals living a secret life. He is a true punk.

  • Tod

    This guy even got a call from Obama. Obama didn’t call Charles Ramsey for saving Amanda Berry

  • Miley Cyrus loves me

    Jason Collins a fraud? no. Probably an opportunist

  • Margaret

    I don’t understand this gay agenda. Gay people are some of the most successful people in the world. Hell it seems like own everything. . I hate when people try to compare the African American plight to that of the gay community. The fight is not the same. Jason Collins would definitely exploit this. Book deals, interviews, etc

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