R&B Singer Tyrese Arrested in Paris after Confrontation with Hotel Bellhop?

Singer Tyrese found himself in a bit of trouble during his stay in Paris. The singer took to Twitter to describe an altercation between himself and the hotel’s bellhop regarding a foul odor in the lobby.

“I walked in the lobby smelled something fowl and had to ask,” Tyrese wrote.

The “Signs of Love Making” singer even uploaded uploaded a video showing his confrontation with a bellhop.

In the video, Tyrese can be heard asking the bellhop if he took a “sh*t in the lobby.”

The bellhop denies Tyrese’s claims.

Tyrese becomes agitated and asks, “Are you telling me I’m lying?”

The bellhop tells Tyrese he has to leave the premises and threatens to call the police.

“This dude called the police on me cause I confronted him about shitting in the lobby..???? WTF..?????” the singer wrote on Twitter.

Tyrese showed footage of the Paris police arriving at the hotel.

“The official #NighasInParisVideo They called the police on me in Paris,” he wrote. The cops Actually showed up!!!

Tyrese said his experience was an act of discrimination.

“Real racist shit happening in Paris… Not cool,” he wrote.

But Tyrese and the bellhop overcame their differences. The singer apologized for his actions and told the bellhop it was all a “joke.”

“It’s over… Me and the bellman made peace at the hotel… I apologized on camera,” he wrote.

Check out footage of the hilarious confrontation between Tyrese and the bellhop below.

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One Response to R&B Singer Tyrese Arrested in Paris after Confrontation with Hotel Bellhop?

  1. Byron says:

    fool brought it on himself

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