Smylez Wants To Increase The Peace In Chiraq, Talks Ending BDK Movement

Smylez is openly expressing his support for putting the guns down and increasing the peace in his violence-plagued hometown of Chiraq. The 069 Bricksquad native also expressed his support behind ending the BDK movement made popular by his now-deceased friend Lil JoJo.

“Dropping the guns, man,” he said. “Leaving the beef in the street. Everybody with the peace, I been down with that. I been saying let’s get this f-cking money. …Started that BDK Movement and ended when little bro passed away. BIP, man. JoJo World forever, bro.”

He also added in the caption of his IG post: “I’m with the peace and getting money I been told Yall that in follow me. Jojo started the BDK movement and it left with lil bro. Nobody Has No Authority To Start Or End It. #JOJOWORLDFOREVER.”

The Chiraq music scene lost a few of its biggest stars the City has not seen in a very long time that included OTF NuNu, Lil JoJo and LA Capone, to name a few. Smylez raised a good question in an IG post for Chi Town artists and his fellow 069 brothers to ponder.

“Would Yall Give Back All Yall Clout And Glory To Bring All Out Dead Homies Back?”

Smylez worked with a few of his so-called “opps” prior to the beefs. One of the artists he made some heat with included Edai of Team600.

Smylez posted a photo onto IG of himself, Edai and King Louie.

“#TBT 069, 600, & MUBU EATING TOGETHER #2012” his caption read.

Smylez also revealed he was the producer behind Edai and Chief Keef’s hit record “Gucci.”

“#TBT PROD BY SMYLEZ,” his caption read.

Billionaire Black got the conversation on increasing the peace in Chiraq and ending BDK last week.

“No More BDK It’s Time To Get Sum Money Only If My N*ggas Would Listen,” Billion wrote.

Chiraq artist Don Dotta is among Billion’s many supporters standing behind him on this important topic.

Don Dotta posted a nearly two minute long vlog calling others to instead focus on getting money.

“Gang sh-t. Shout out to my n-gga Billionaire. I’m rocking with the movement,” he said. “All that BDK sh-t, n-ggas finna stop all that sh-t. …Motherf-ckers need to be out here getting this money. All that extra sh-t ain’t about nothing.

“Shout out to all the real n-ggas. N-ggas that’s out here tryna check a bag and get some money without all of the other bullsh-t,” he continued. “…N-ggas grown as f-ck nowadays. …I got too many homies that’s getting bodied everyday over this BDK sh-t.

“…Shout to the real n-ggas who get some money. Shout out to my n-gga Billionaire on that end the BDK movement. N-ggas really need to get some money. Get in tune. Real n-gga sh-t on folks nem. Yall know how we rocking. Gang gang.”

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  • GangGang

    if this shit is true chiraq gon be a problem man oms lol

  • Lil Bugg


    • SpeedRacer

      I swear 2 god if you are the real lil bugg i’d kick your fucking ass you fucking pussy ginger. you stay in the house in the suburbs and talk shit.

      • Lil Bugg

        you’re not gonna do shit faggot. You can catch these hot ones too! Blaat Blaat!!

        • Anonymous

          Idk if you’re the real bugg but someone needs to punch your bitch ass in the throat

  • Sweeney

    Fuck all that . im jes waiting on Keef n Durk to collab. They squashed they beef last year n still aint put out nothin

  • NikeBootz

    That’s not lil bugg lmao

  • Anonymous

    real shit

  • Anonymous

    Ion know. eryone in too deep. all sides took too many losses

  • BipJoJo

    niggas talmbout wat jojo would want. nigga if God gave jojo a day to come back n visit his friends n family yall really think dat nigga a say blow sumthin 4 him. dat nigga would want eryone to chill. cuz at the end of the day another jojo gon die today tmrw n n n da next generation gon die n da cycle gon continue. we jes gon keep takin losses.

  • gbthereason

    growth and development

  • Corleone313

    I feel him. It aint even my place to even say not end the shit

  • Famu Chica

    Can someone please tell me why they was fighting in the first place? Like what started the beef?

    • MyCousinVinny

      i think because cashout slept with sosa momma

      • Jon Blaze

        yu sound dumb asl

      • nino


  • Anonymous

    i dont think niggas can comprehend this shit yet

  • Anonymous

    for the most part its really these dumb ass fans gettin into the shit like chicago niggas video game characters or a movie or some shit. these niggas really cant step out the house without carrying their strap and these fans who come from 2 parent households with food in the fridge got the nerve to tell these niggas what they can and can not end. I support smylez on this shit. do what you gotta do.

  • JJ

    niggas really stay like 2 blocks away from each other. shit makes zero sense bruh lol

  • rip jojo

    JoJo is dead for nothing and all the other BDK Members chitown is going the wrong way its going to be later like bd’s are rappin together with former BDK’s

  • Fu gang

    This some fu shit. How niggers chilling with opps when they homies dead. Fuck peace. My nigger died all your mamas have to cry until one of you kill me. Real niggers will never sit in the same room as their friends killers. Get money and kill the opps

  • kim

    I want all the rappers young ppl who make it to reinvest in the blk community. Purchase more stores, gas stations and soul food joints. Even try to get a skating rink. We need this generation to step up where the older generation left off. They dead and gone. Now who gonnna step up to the plate? Whites don’t care abt us.

  • R4F1

    That Edai x Keef “Gucci” track was just a remix of two of their own songs. Anyone can make their own remix by cutting n pasting songs, that was no “hit record” as you claim in the article. Heck, don’t even think it was an official release from Keef/Edai.

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