South Side Chicago Boy, 3, Found Without Coat Or Shoes In 6-Degree Weather At Night

A South Side Chicago toddler was found outside in frigid weather without a coat or shoes Thursday night, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The boy was wearing only blue jeans, a gray sweater and argyle socks, according to NBC Chicago.

A motorist saw the boy, believed to be 3 or 4, wandering the area near East 82nd Street and South Avalon Avenue, according to ABC 7. The boy was later transported to Trinity Hospital where he was listed in good condition.

The mother of the child has been identified, according to NBC Chicago. The boy is now in custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, ABC 7 reports.

Watch story below.

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  • Cool guy


    • Chefjay

      No LOL’s bro that shit is too fucked up. That’s the problem with Chicago no niccas want change. The teachers don’t care, the parents don’t pay attention, and the role models never look back and set bad examples. Shit is just to crazy Every corner you guys are fucked over

      • Cool guy

        It’s funny because ur supposed to wear coat when it’s cold and he wasn’t wearing one

        • Monstarz

          He wasn’t wearing one because his mom probably sold it for a hit

  • Dianna

    disrgraceful smh

  • Anonymous

    she was probably off the dopey dope

  • Anonymous

    he looks killa kellz lmao

  • JJ Walker

    They’re calling the kid ‘Baby Dough.’ ctfu

    • you idiot

      this proves you are smart as a down syndrome not “dough” they said doe as in john doe cause they have no name of info on him you stupid piece of shit go back to high school and please graduate im out here in the field and still intelligence is something you need ask about me catch me on 6400 KGB BOCO Badside come get some smoke faggot!!!

      • JJ Walker

        haha I’m not worried about you. I make 60k a year legally. I’ll pay you pennies to do my yard work lol

  • Dru

    Why did the kid go outside with no shoes lol

  • nuggsoflife

    If this was a white neighborhood the police would have returned the boy back to his parents and had a good kids will be kids laugh bout this. But since this is a black neighborhood this kid will automatically be taken from his home put Iin a shitty group home where their is no love and little structure and his parents arrested and put in jai.l

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