Spike Lee Did Not ‘Do The Right Thing’ With ‘Chi-Raq’ Movie

Spike Lee is under fire for his forthcoming Midwest-based film titled “Chi-Raq.” The film’s newly released trailer was unappealing to many Chicago residents. The synopsis for Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq,” according to IMDB, reads:

“A modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago.”

In this film, women from both sides of warring gangs decide to withhold sex from their gang banging boyfriends in hopes of ending the violence.

The plot didn’t sit well with the Chicago community, as well as its Hip Hop community, including Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Lil Bibby, Lil Reese and more.

The trailer for the Chiraq film did little to show the essence of Chicago lifestyle and culture. F. Gary Gray did a remarkable job capturing the essence of 90s Los Angeles culture in “Straight Outta Compton.” The same can be said for Dave Simon’s phenomenal work on his Baltimore-based crime drama series “The Wire.”

With the absence of Chicago culture in this project, it begs us to ask if Spike really cares about the violence in Chicago or just the success of his latest film. We suspect the latter. The trailer shows us that this film could’ve been set in any City because Spike failed to do his research. Spike only chose to set his film in the Windy City because both city and term “Chiraq” are hot right now. It was a business move, simply put.

Spike Lee’s latest film may be an amazing piece of work, but reaction to his newly released trailer shows he already lost the intended audience he hoped to capture with his project. If you’ve lost Chicago residents, what are you truly doing this for?

Check out reaction to Spike Lee’s film below:






























Richard Autry is the author of this opinion piece. You can follow him on Twitter @RichAutry.

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  • Real Toronto

    Why is it up to a old school New York n*gga to make a movie on violence in another city,y’all act like Spike Lee is a rookie when it comes to making movies. He been making movies before kollege kidd,Chief keef the whole Chicago violence even existed. Now all of a sudden its a problem because Chicago is under the gun. If you chi kids got chief keef, king louie, lil durk and a whole shit load of artists who are at the top why they ain’t put up no money to help produce a film about on going violence. Every two minutes y’all bitching about up and coming rappers or how no politicians are helping. Y’all need to find Jesus in your city and stop blaming everybody else Larry hover sits in Colorado maximum prison and y’all don’t give him nooooo shit. Spike Lee has never made a bad movie,now all of a sudden he’s the worse GTFOH!

    • DiamondDogs1

      nah dem niggas been shooting each other up for ever. even before cheif

      • Real Toronto

        I know that but Chicago wasnt glorified like is it was today.
        Do the right thing was made in the 90’s by spike Lee and that was a good movie. Really good.

    • Paul E.

      They pay you to do PR for Spike? Only noticed you showing up here when this movie started getting hyped. You clearly suspect, because no one here “bitches about up and coming rappers”. We hype and support them.

      And WTF you on ordering Keef and Durk to make a movie?! Unless they some young Jew like Drake LMAO!, no one handing young nigg’s multi-millions to write and produce movies. You even know what goes into that shit?! Contracts, unions, permits, copyrights…that’s why it’s the same old stuidios & old men running that game.

      People don’t like the movie because it looks dorky as shit. The reason Spike had to use that fufu “Greek mythology” trash is because he has no idea what’s going on in they lives and the dynamics in the streets. So he just creates a gimmick to cover for his lack of real knowledge. So the movie 50% gay bullshit and 50% lecturing niggs like some PO.


      • Real Toronto

        Your wrong buddy, signed to a label especially like def jam,filmon you have a contract you have to make money by all means.
        Chief keef had movie deal with interscope and he ain’t make not one movie. Tupac was signed with multiple labels and he was still able to make movies off interscope. Lil durk and Chicago’s up and coming had every opportunity to get involved In the movie. You have all the ingredients onces signed to a label of “Jews” you don’t even realize Jews run record labels and what is displayed on TV and your talking about Drake who was signed by Lil Wayne and not Jews. Spike Lee been making classic hits Chicago is a place full of ignorance and upset youth who refuse to allow anybody but themselves to make money in the industry. Niggas out here trying to start a movement call #blacklivesmatter and chiraq is making it all to impossible,why don’t you go March in yo city and stop worrying about the movie you put no effort into or contribution.

      • Real Toronto

        Naw. I ain’t nobody I’m just a nigga outside looking in educating the online youth about what is really going on in this society. Kollegekidd comments dead so imma shed some light.

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