University of Houston Grad Reaches Settlement with Omega Psi Phi over Hazing Incident

A University of Houston graduate reached a settlement with Omega Psi Phi over an alleged hazing incident that took place in 2009, Houston Press reports.

Lee West III settled with the fraternity for an undisclosed amount of money. In 2009, West sought membership in the fraternity to follow in the footsteps of his father who is a member of the fraternity.

West alleges he was beaten with a wood board, a baseball bat and television antenna, in addition to experiencing mental torture.

West is pleased the legal proceedings has come to a conclusion, but is upset he is not a member of the fraternity.

“I’m a little detached,” West III told the Houston Press. “But it’s still pretty upsetting to think the opportunity was taken away from me.”

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  • Jay

    So out of all that he is still pissed he didn’t get his letters. He sounds like the guy who was hard headed on line.

  • Anonymous

    That young man is very brave. Not many people will stand up and take action against hazing.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much money he got

  • Anonymous

    He don’t look OWT enough to be a bruh. Fool look like a Kappa

    • Anonymous

      You are an ignorant bruh. Idiots like you are destroying Omega from within. Bruhs like you will help the legal system litigate the fraternity out of existence. I’m sure you don’t have any money, bruhs like you never do. Just mouth and ignorance. Manhood first. A man does beat on another black man for sport. White man did that for three hundred years fool!

      • Anonymous

        I aint ignorant bruh. Niccas like u the reason the frat falling off. You must be paper

        • Anonymous

          please!!!! being paper is better than being ignorant and just plain disgrace to an organization

  • Terrica

    He did the right thing. That wasn’t hazing. that was damn near torture!! They hit him with a baseball bat and antenna, really!?!?!?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    1. Know what you getting into
    2. You have a choice
    3. Frat/Sorors go to over board with hazing.
    4. Messing up the name of your frat chap & school
    5. Test of a Man

  • Nightmare

    People do anything these days to get paid. His father being a member is like sueing a family member…The two don’t mix… Horrible

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