White Man Files Lawsuit against Grocery Store for Allowing Black Man to Bag His Groceries


A Caucasian man is filing a lawsuit against a grocery story for allowing a black teenager to bag his groceries, The Longview News Journals reports.

DeWitt R. Thomas claims his civil rights and religious freedom were violated when he was banned from Two Rivers Grocery & Market for not wanting sacker Aaron Menefee to handle his groceries.

Thomas reportedly told Menefee not to touch his groceries.

“I can’t have someone negroidal touch my food,” he said, according to lawsuit filed in a U.S. District court. “It’s against my creed.”

“Negroidal” is a term Thomas uses to refer to a black person.

Thomas was asked to take his items and leave after making his racially insensitive remark. Thomas told the News Journal the grocery store treated him badly because he told them it was against his creed.

Menefee thought Thomas was joking at first, but know he was serious after he “kept repeating it.”

“I didn’t feel physically threatened,” Menefee said, according to the News Journal. “I just felt verbally assault.”

Thomas returned two days later and harassed the Menefee once again by requesting the “Negro” not to handle his groceries, according to the lawsuit.

Owner Keith Langston was present and called police to serve Thomas a criminal trespass warning. Thomas claims he was “unlawfully restrained” when an employee locked the doors, according to lawsuit.

“White people are to be protected under the civil rights law just as anyone else,” Thomas said. “It would be the same as if you asked that a congoid (a person from west/central Africa) not touch your food.”

Langston denies Thomas’ claims of his civil rights being violated.

“He was banned because he was using racial slurs, but he has turned it into a religious thing,” Langston said.

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