Who Is Tooka?

The brewing beef between Interscope artist Chief Keef and rapper CashOut centers on a young Chicago teenager who was killed in a senseless act of violence while awaiting his bus.

Shondale Gregory, affectionately known to friends and family as Tooka, was instantly killed after being shot several times by a masked gunman. He was 15.

Friends who knew Gregory formed “Tooka Gang” in his honor.

Chicago rapper CashOut, who hails from the St. Lawrence area of the Windy City, has shown no mercy in his verbal assault against Chief Keef. The 22-year-old Gangster Disciple took issue with Chief Keef’s blatant disrespect of his fallen friend.

Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, disses Gregory and associates in his songs “3Hunna” and “John Madden.”

CashOut isn’t too fond of the songs.

“One of my lil’ homies got killed who was like a brother to me, which is Tooka,” CashOut said in an interview. “So I’m listening and he like ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang, I’m 3Hunna. Then another one of his song he said ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang, I let this ruger bang.”

CashOut says the songs have taken on a life its own.

“Every time I’m in a nice crowd of people and they play his song; everybody rocking and they say ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang.’ I done snatched a cord out somebody radio in the club once,” CashOut said. “I’m like man, hold up. Does anybody know Tooka? Does anybody know what he [Chief Keef] really rapping about? You can be in a certain hood and riding down in Minnesota somewhere. This somebody that really died. They thinking sh*t slang. No, that’s a real motherf*cking person who got killed.”

Chief Keef’s “3Hunna” track will appear on his major label debut album “Finally Rich.” It features Maybach Music Group artist Rick Ross who, ironically, is in a bit a trouble with the Gangster Disciples. No word yet if the 17-year-old rapper will remove the Tooka diss from the song.

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  • KeKe

    We miss u Shondale 🙁

  • catchup

    chief keef disses his whole gang all the time

  • redman


  • N_Sane063

    Tooka da realest nigga ah ever known n mah life. We gon ride 4 u mah nigga Fucc da Opps Tooka Gang 063

    • TookaGangK

      realest niggas? are you fuckin kiddin me? he was a lil boy 15 years old fuck that kid.. he wasnt on shit and got caught lackin at the bus stop ahaa pussy boa

  • Bianca

    We miss yhu tooka baby. I cried when i heard. We still remember yhu. BIP baby

  • Anonymous

    Fuck a Tooka Gang We a Let Dat Ruger Spray!!!

  • I Rock Out For GD

    Still Fuck Tooka Gang…. Niggas need to get buried

    • Anonymous

      Fuck a TOOKA GANG O’BLOCK SHiT 069 fuck 063 fuck the opps fuck jojo world

  • smith

    rip 2 tooka

  • asapbrooklyn or fuck BDK


    • anonymous

      OPP as niggas aint got no respect for the dead but wen somebody say some about yo dead people you wanna get in yo chest like a bitch……bum ass niggas dese days

  • anonymous

    I aint from Chicago but its jojo world nigga and im letting that be known fuck all dese other niggas

  • Eblock

    That ain’t tooka…… That’s his lil brother shondale they got the same name

  • Anonymous

    Fuck tooka and lil marc jojo fat head rip my guys 30p 600

  • i tell you about these followers Keith gone get yall ass kill cause of his music i bet most of yall lames who disrespecting Tooka ain’t even from chicago smh, R.I.P Tooka

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