13-Year-Old Rapper Talks Sex, Drugs and Murder in Music Video ‘Get Smoked’

A music video by a 13-year-old Chicago rapper is making its rounds on the Internet.

The teenager, who goes under the rap alias Lil’ Mouse, released a music video for his song “Get Smoked.”

Lil’ Mouse’s lyrical content is nothing short of profane. The Chicago youth bounces with fellow comrades in the music video as he raps about sex, drugs and murder.

Lil’ Mouse raps, “30 clips and them hollow tips/ have his a** sitting in roses/ Rolling off a pill/ P**sy better kill/ My N**gas in the field/ You might get killed.”

Many people may find this video entertaining. But an adolescent rapping about violent subject matter is a cause for alarm.

What are Lil’ Mouse’s chances of escaping the perils that grip Chicago’s urban community? There have been a reported 250 homicides in the year 2012 alone.

There is a crisis occurring in urban communities across America. Sadly, there are thousands of young men like Lil’ Mouse.

What is even more disturbing about the video was the presence of adults. How can this young man succeed and transcend negativity if there is no one to steer him in the right direction?

A silent genocide is currently victimizing young Black and Latino youths. Our community – the urban community- should be concerned after watching this video, not amused.

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