21 Savage Disses Yung Joc For Wearing A Dress

#21savage reacts to #yungjoc wearing a dress ? #itsgoindown

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21 Savage ain’t rocking with Yung Joc after seeing footage of the “It’s Goin Down” rapper wearing a blue dress. 21 took to social media to apologize trap music fans on behalf of Atlanta.

“I wanna apologize to the world on behalf of my city – the city of Atlanta,” 21 said. “I know we produce some soft a-- n****s, but just bear with us. We’re gonna get through this storm, guys. I just want you guys to know there’s some real n****s left. And real n****s are coming back in style. Just hold tight, we’re gonna take this thing back man.”

#yungjoc wildin ? #itsgoindown #atl #atlanta

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Joc attempted to explain the reasoning behind his decision to wear a dress, hinting it had something to do with a Vh1 show.

“This probably gon be my last time mentioning this s**t, especially until the show come out I knew the type of backlash that would come from this s**t,” Joc said. “But let me address one and two things. For those of you who are so quick to call on the Illuminati and say I sold my soul, tell me how I sold my soul? Yeah, I f****d and some s**t had to happen in a situation. I had to man up, put on a f*****g dress. It’s just a dread, some s**t that’s manmade. It’s nothing. Now if you give me a shield and a spear, and put a leather metal belt around my waist, I might look like a motherf*****g Roman.”

#YungJoc reveals why he wore a dress ??

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#yungjoc explains why he wore a dress ?

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