50 Cent Clowns French Montana, Says He Lives in a Car

50 Cent had a few more choice words to say about up-and-coming Bad Boy Records artist French Montana. 50 Cent is upset with the “Pop That” artist for criticizing him in an interview with Complex magazine.

“Rappers write cars,money,big house, big shot talk,” 50 Cent tweeted. “The truth is they ain’t got it man for real.”

The rapper, born Curtis Jackson, wrote he is not particularly fond of new artists who take shots at him.

“It’s funny when a new artist try’s to go at me,” he wrote. “Fool you got one car and it ain’t paid for yet. LMAO”

50 Cent joked Montana was homeless and would not be in an episode of MTV Cribs anytime soon.

“They can’t do MTV cribs cause they live in the f*ckingCar LMAO my God #SMSaudio,” he wrote.

French Montana told Complex Magazine 50 Cent’s desire to beef with everyone hurt his album sales.

“I feel like beef hurt him. I feel like it helped Ross unite people,” Montana explained during an interview with “That’s why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense…Of course, Ross is on his fifth album. And like I said, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. He never went platinum. So when 50 came up, 50 sold 10 million. Then after his first album he just kept on going down. You think 50 could come out and sell 10 million now?”

50 Cent took issue with Montana’s comments and blasted the “Pop That” rapper on Twitter.

“French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy,” Fif wrote. “You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the fucx is you high.”

50 Cent joked that Montana needed features in order to have a hit.

“French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool,” he wrote. “Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl”

“Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales,” the rapper wrote.

50 Cent realized he was wasting energy twitter beefing Montana and decided to call it quits, but threatened he will handle the beef in person.

“Im not tweeting about this little fool No more,” he wrote. “I’m a see him and he gonna explain that’s it.”

Do you think the beef between 50 Cent and French Montana will escalate? Sound off below.

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